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Best Elephant Bed Pal for Kids


Give your kids the gift of having a goodnight sleep with this plush toy

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When I was a kid, I remember having my favorite doll and blanket that I always keep with me before I go to sleep. My dad would always tell me how inseparable we are and that I would even bring it with me if ever we do a sleepover. Although I can’t remember the name of my doll, I can still remember how she looks like while the blanket is still somewhere in a storage full of my old stuff.

When I became a mom, most of the gifts I had for my kids were also stuffed toys; I try to find one that’s really soft and cuddly, something that can stay with them for a long time. Unfortunately, some are really itchy and I’m afraid that it would accumulate too much dust overtime.

When I saw this elephant plush toy online, I immediately looked at the picture closer to see if there is too much fur on it. And since my little girl is starting to develop her love for Dumbo lately, I thought that this would be a great present for her. This elephant plush toy measure 9 inches long and 8.5 inches wide, the size makes it a perfect bedtime buddy which I’m sure she’ll love especially now that she only have a few on her collection.

When it came, I was the one who opened it first. The elephant is very soft and smooth; I wouldn’t even mind having it beside her cheeks when she sleeps. Although it’s fairly new, I can tell that it would be one of her favorites and I can already tell that her younger sister is wishing to have one for herself too; I know I should’ve bought two!

If you are planning to get some nice birthday gift for kids, there are times that it gets so hard to decide what to buy. Most of the time we end up buying them toys that they usually play with or something new from the store. However, it is always best to make sure that they would be able to get something useful out of it such as books and art materials or even a stuffed toy which they could enjoy everywhere they go.

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