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C&B House Blend Coffee

It’s not just a coffee.. but more than a drink

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The air in Charleston starts to smell of coffee from one end to the other. Coffee brewed and poured with C&B House Blend roasted Coffee beans, will sink you in the fantastic flavour of Charleston’s coolest coffee. Each bean of coffee is picked very sensibly from one of the Low country’s finest culinary stops, to make sure that it meets the quality standards. C& B (representing Caviar & Bananas) are renowned for their excellence in quality.

Coffee, very prevalent all over the world. It works as a charger, we tend to work with more concentration. A cup of coffee makes your mood. Late into the afternoon when colleagues and friends meet for hot, cold, and blended pick-me-up drinks, coffee is the universal choice for it. Find your love with a simple cup of coffee. Make a fresh start in your relationship, with these best quality beans and let’s get started.


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