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Cool Clock for your CEO boss


A Modern Take On A Historic Piece That Now Tells Time

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Are you looking for a luxury piece as a birthday gift? Your boss, colleague, friend or family member will be delighted to receive this birthday surprise – a clock that has a design of gas discharge indicators. This was popular in the 60’s and 70’s but VacuumGlow made the appearance of this clock, the Levitation model, look modern with its sleek tubes, matte finish, special coating, and mirror effect. With its lighted platform, it even conjures as if this luxury Nixie Tube clock has zero gravity.

Geeks and history lovers will also relish this kind of birthday gift because the lamps are based on the gas discharge indicators that were produced in the Soviet Union, mostly manufactured until the latter part of the 70’s. In other words, they can be considered as rare items nowadays. This clock is a good collection piece for those who love unique items displayed in their offices or homes. The backlight and the clock’s overall design is also a good mood setter in any room. As an added feature, the clock can be controlled using a smartphone mobile app.

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