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HD Spy Glasses Camera


Spy in awe with High Quality HD Spy Camera Sunglasses

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Glasses are simple accessories commonly used by people.  It protects our eyes against sun’s UV rays that causes serious eye problems.  Moreover, it protects our eyes from insects and dust that could also damage our sight organ.  Our eyes, when damaged could lead to blindness and surely will affect or daily routine.  It is just important to use protectors of our eyes.

And because sunglasses are used almost every day for the purpose of protecting our eyes, who would think that sunglasses could be of great help in spying? Yes! It is true. Some sunglasses have built-in cameras to detect and spy.  How? Take a look at this featured Spy Glasses Camera!

Made by Limtech Inc., this high definition spy glasses has a built-in pinhole camera used for recording.  The undetectable 5 mega pixels CMOS camera is hidden in the lens.  It works best in recording up to 1-2 hours.  You can save your video on its 8GB TF card which is expandable up to 16 GB.

spy-glass-cameraIt is operated with its built-in 350 MAH li-polymer battery that could last up to -2 hours of usage.  It comes with a power adaptor of 5 volts used for charging with only 0.8 watts of power consumption.  This gadget would hardly give you a steeper amount of electric bill unlike other gadgets.

spy-glass-cam-hdThis Spy Glasses Camera is compatible with Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7.  You’ll never get difficulties in dealing this gadget to our OS.  You can play the videos if different players namely Windows Media Player, Real Player, Storm Codec, and Quick Time.

What makes it more great is that, you can store music on your glasses’ FT card and could play it while driving, walking, jogging and other physical activities that you like.  Most importantly, it is great for spying purposes which makes it an ideal gift to agents, police officers, detectives, and the like.

Get your detective task done using this Limtech Inc. HD Spy glasses camera a very affordable price.

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