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Eat Your Heart (Out) And Other Pancake Designs

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First 3D Food Printer

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Breakfast can be a whole lot of fun, filled with creativity and excitement, with this PancakeBot that can mechanically dish out batter straight to a griddle formed according to your liking. Parents can surely win the breakfast war and get their kids to eat their food with pancakes designed as robots, animals, or their favorite character! Gentlemen can impress their ladies, and vice versa, with heart-shaped pancakes.

It’s easy to do! This PancakeBot has a USB port and SD card slot where images can be transferred to the machine. No idea what to print? There is available software that you can download for free and use effortlessly to make your pancake designs. You can also choose from the pre-made designs at

The non-stick griddle is detachable, making it easy to store the PancakeBot. It comes with a temperature dial, drip tray, BPA-free batter dispenser bottle, and a batter recipe guide. This PancakeBot is truly an innovation in the food-printing technology that will have everyone’s mouth open, literally and figuratively, that is.

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