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Whimsical Ceramic Coffee Cup

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If you see a cute panda getting drowned, wouldn’t you want to do everything to save it? How about if you can drink all the water or liquid to free it from drowning, would you do it? Well, this ceramic coffee mug has a tiny panda right in the middle that is both amusing and cute. Kids and adults alike will find this mug adorable and delightful. It will prompt you to finish your cup just to have a glimpse of the little panda found inside.

These ceramic cups are handmade so there are slight variances in every cup. It can hold up to 300 ml of liquid. It will take 12 to 25 days for deliveries in the US while 12 to 38 days for those in international territories. It is a beautiful gift to friends. Anyone who owns this coffee mug will surely smile every time they take a sip of their coffee, milk, chocolate or water.

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