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Fire Your Light to Light Your Fire


A Hand Gun Torch Lighter to Trigger A Fire from Bubble Star

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Many lighters come in various shapes, forms and sizes. Some even borders on the weird. Others are fun to collect as they look like toys. Well, how about a hand gun that can start a fire? Yes, a 9 millimeter hand gun can be a torch lighter. Bubble Star came up with this gun lighter that comes in chrome color and is three inches long, which makes it handy and easy on the pocket. The butane in this lighter is refillable and produces dual jet flames.

But use this lighter smartly as others may mistake this for a gun. Just squeeze the trigger and you instantly have a fire at the end of your bogus weapon. This is something that guys would like to have, so go and gift your male buddies and relatives with this fun practical item. Definitely, this gun lighter is a nice toy for the big boys. It is affordable and with free shipping when you order.

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