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Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe


Amaze your friends by this science-fiction

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Create a magical world on your desktop with Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe. Indulged with magnetic technology it floats in air creating a mesmerising look. Amaze your colleagues by this science fiction. Observe Earth levitate in space – only touching air!

Museum quality design and innovative effect make this a must-have for any home or office. Developed by an international engineering team, this stylish, electromagnetic base uses minimal power to create Real Levitation. Suspended in mid-air, this globe defies gravity – inspiring curiosity and admiration. Adorn your office interiors with hi-tech article. Now search your favourite place in this mystic world.

Warning: As with all magnetic materials, keep away from computers and other items adversely affected by magnetic fields.

Includes a low voltage UL listed adapter.


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