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Sharpen your Pencil with Humor


Express Nose Pencil Sharpeners, Set of 12 (FX IN-8-195) by Fun Express

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Who said noses are just for inhaling and exhaling fresh (or not) so fresh air? They can be used as pencil sharpeners too! Fun Express Nose Pencil Sharpeners, Set of 12 (FX IN-8-195) by Fun Express treats your child with their extra crazy ideas for sharpeners. When all you want for your kids is to learn their basic body parts and have a little good laugh, then this back-to-school supply is worth your pennies.

This supply set includes twelve pieces of nose plastic sharpeners that are up to 2 and ¼ inches long. They are light and easy to stuff in your kiddo’s pencil case together with his other things. They can sharpen regular-sized pencils. In some cases, when you think your kid’s crayons are already too round at their edges to color properly then might as well exhaust these humorous little erasers! Don’t deny that you’re smiling about the idea of having a nose for a sharpener too.

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