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Vintage Playing WOODEN Cards

wooden playing cards

Play rummy with a cool deck of wooden playing cards

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If you think all there is to playing cards are fake thin plastic prints that fade several times after you use them, then you haven’t seen Wood Deck of Playing Cards by MollaSpace. This exquisite set of cards offers you an enjoyable playing experience without worrying of not seeing the print or anything after quite a number of rounds as the common set often does. It features a woody texture that actually guarantee you sturdiness among others.

The next time you get to have a card session with your friends, amaze them with these playing cards. It’s new and no doubt it looks cool. Looks too heavy to handle? It is just what you think! This set of cards is made of quality plastic though it is not evident in the look so flipping and holding 3 to 12 pieces of them is breezy plus they look vintage!

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