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10 Birthday Gifts for Mom


Adding some more to our birthday gift ideas for moms!

Moms. Where would we be without them? When it comes to the most special and wonderful lady in our lives, our moms are top of the list. We all want to let mom know just how special and loved she is in our eyes. Why not celebrate her and all she’s done for you by getting her a spectacular birthday gift? But what do you get for the woman who has given you so much, yet asked for so little in return? Our list is here to help you find that perfect birthday gift that says “Thank you for everything, mom!”

Bring the Spa to her

Every mom deserves a day at the spa, but if you can’t afford a spa package, get her something so she can pamper herself at home, on her own schedule, with this luxurious foot bath. This versatile and spa-grade home footbath heats up and has massagers so she’ll get a salon-quality pedicure in the comfort of her own home. It’s perfect temperature feature and soothing bubbles give her the ultimate relaxation. This footbath can be used with her favorite foot soak, too!foot-spa-birthday-gift-mom

A new way to get fresh herbs

Does mom have a green thumb, or is she a fantastic cook (or maybe both)?  Either way this Back to Roots Water Garden will make a great gift for mom that she’ll love. This modern concept makes this herb garden it’s own little ecosystem she can keep in her kitchen. With space to grow 5 of her favorite plants (this garden is perfect for everything from bamboo to wheatgrass) and the closed-loop ecosystem of the tank means literally all she has to do is feed her fish.back to the roots water garden for mother birthday

Magical Tea

If she’s a lover of tea, the Magic Tea Box is a great gift for mom. This amazing tea sampler comes with 10 bags of 8 different kinds of delicious tea, everything from classic tea to cherry. Consumers rave that the tea is delicious and each flavor is unique. And it comes in an elegant wooden box that she can repurpose once the tea is gone!  magical-tea-box-mother-birthday-gift

The bond between a mother and child

For moms who love jewelry is this beautiful mother and child pendant. This sterling silver and gold pendant features conflict-free diamonds and a charming scene with a mother and child. This is a necklace mom can dress up or down, wear to the office or to the ball game, and wear with everything. She’s sure to love the sentiment behind it, too!mother-child-pendant-birthdaygift-for-mom

Essential Oils

For moms who like to keep the house smelling nice with an added health benefit, consider this essential oil diffuser.This diffuser has a sleek wooden look and cool LED lighting that cycles through 7 different colors. This diffuser is great for the mom that needs a little low-key aromatherapy in her life. It’s completely silent, heat-free, smoke-free, and doubles as a humidifier. Mom can diffuse all her favorite scents. If she’s new to essential oils, you might think about throwing in this set of 8 of the top essential oils. She can diffuse them alone or mix to make her own perfect scent.ArtNaturals-Essential-Oil Diffuser-and- Humidifier-gift-mombirthday-gift-mom-top-essentials-oils

Keep it simple with yoga

For the fit mom, or the aspiring fit mom, this yoga starter kit will keep her going. Yoga is great for busy moms who need a workout that is effective, but is also relaxing! The art of yoga is all about peace and tranquility, which all moms could use more of. This complete start-up kit comes with an extra-thick mat (anyone who’s ever had a yoga mat that was too thin knows the importance of this!), 2 yoga blocks, a towel, a yoga strap, and a carrying strap so she’ll never miss a pop-up yoga class again!yoga-mat-for-mom-birthday-present

A whole lotta love

For the glam mom is the gorgeous Stila Whole Lotta Love Makeup Set. This set is perfect for the mom who travels a lot for work or play. The beautiful vintage-looking package makes this palette a stunner before she even opens it. This set features 4 shades of blush, 20 color-riche eyeshadows, and mascara so she can achieve any look she wants with just this one fabulous product. Any mom who likes makeup will love this set!stila-Makeup-Set-birthday-mom

Style in the Kitchen

For the mom who’s also the world’s best cook, is this modern and sleek Cuisinart Knife Set. These carbon and stainless steel blades are sturdy and non-stick. Cuisinart products are popular among some of the world’s top chefs, so you can be sure you’re getting mom some of the best knives out there. They have a non-slip soft grip handle, and come in one of the coolest knife blocks I’ve ever seen (the panels are even removable for easy cleaning). Chef Mom is sure to get a lot of use out of this knife set.cuisineart-knife-set-birthday-gift-mom

We’re Real (really!)

For the mom who loves to pamper her skin is the I’m Real sheet mask set. These TonyMoly brand sheet masks are the premier Korean face mask on the market today. Korea is renowned for their skincare products in the beauty industry, and this sheet mask set gets her 11 of some of the best sheet masks in production. Featuring 11 different masks, this set will get her a mask to address every single skin issue she could be having. These masks have great reviews, and mom is sure to love having a spa-like sheet mask at home.mask-sheet-pack-birthday-gift-mom

Classic Style for a classic lady

Rounding out our list for the best birthday gift ideas for mom are these spectacular California poppy stemless wine glasses. For the mom who is also a wine enthusiast, these beautiful, hand-painted stemless wine glasses are sure to become her new favorite glass in which to enjoy her favorite adult beverage. Because these glasses are hand-painted, no two glasses will be exactly alike, just like no two moms are exactly alike! The set of 2 means she can share her favorite vino with her favorite person. If she’s not into florals, there’s also this gorgeous hummingbird set.hummingbirds-in-glasses-birthday-gift

Moms are essential to the fabric of our lives. They do so much for their families and ask so little in return. With a birthday gift from our list, you’re sure to show mom just how much she means to you. While there is no gift big enough to repay mom for all she does, she’ll certainly feel loved and appreciated on her birthday.

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