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10 Most Favorite Romantic Gifts for Him


Some more birthday gift ideas for the man in your life

Need some help finding romantic gifts for him?

To make it easier for us girls, I asked the men in my life what is their idea of the ideal romantic gift, one that they will cherish forever.

Below are their 10 most favorite romantic gifts:

1. “Our Timeless Love”

For your sophisticated guy, an elegant watch or a set of cufflinks will be a practical gift they would enjoy using. However, to make it romantic gifts you can have the watch engraved with a loving dedication such as “our timeless love” or find a unique set of cufflinks such as the Personalized Secret Message Cuff Links that include a secret compartment where you can hide a message of love to your man.

2. Personalized Wine

Wine makes a perfect romantic gift. To jazz it up, you could purchase 6 bottles of wine of his favorite brand, 1 for his birthday and 5 others to be opened on other special occasions during the year. Replace the labels and write on each when it should be opened (anniversary, the date you moved together and so on…). Alternatively, you could also search on amazon for a personalized great Bottle of Wine etched with a personal message for your special guy. Say “I Love you” like never before.

3. Love Games

Surprise your guy with sensual, erotic expressions of love and playful games such as strip chocolate a gift that makes a game out of dessert. Love games are sure to make amazingly romantic gifts for him.

4. “Mr. Wonderful”

Romantic gifts for him Customized boxers shorts or T-shirts printed with fun-loving humor expressions, such as “My heart belongs to…” or “you are my Mr. wonderful”, would make great gifts as well as useful for your man.

5. A Token of Love

Men don’t like to show their feelings but they do want to feel loved and appreciated, therefore, if you want to show your guy you love him, any small token of love would be just the thing for him. For example, you could give him a frog key ring because his your prince or an elegant Seahorse Keychain a symbol of protection and persistence and ideal token of your affection.

6. “Find His Way to Your Heart”

Camping, sailing, flight experience they all truly romantic gifts for your man. To add a girly touch to you gift, give your guy an engraved compass so that he could “find his way to your heart” any time.

7. Upgraded Style

Romantic gifts for him such as monogrammed flask, engraved cigar case, or elegant lighter are great presents that complete your man’s sophisticated look and upscale style. (Find exquisite, top quality Gifts for Him at Red Envelope).

8. Love Songs

For a guy who loves music you can get an I-pod downloaded with romantic songs to remind him of you. Or, if he already has one, get him an artistic ipod/smart phone cover. You can choose a romantic, fun or sassy design. If you want to impress him with your creative skills design him one on your own. It’s a cool gift he’ll use all year long.

9. Indulging Gifts

Grooming products are remarkably romantic gifts for your loved one. Items such as organic shaving kits and luxuries facial skin care products are indulging gifts men really like but would never buy for themselves.

10. Reach for the Stars

For your astronomer man a telescope will make an excellent and romantic choice as the both of you will discover the wonders of the night by watching stars and constellations.

Do you have anything more to share from your personal experience? Share it with us!

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