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16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys


5 gift ideas to get you thinking about your boy’s birthday…

If you think boys don’t think too much about turning sixteen, think again. They’re just as excited to turn sixteen as the opposite sex. They also want to receive some sixteenth birthday presents especially from their loved ones. Though they may not show it, they’re just as eager to receive presents from you.

Many individuals find it difficult to shop for sixteenth birthday gifts for boys. Maybe it’s because of the limited options they have compared with girls. But the truth is boys have varied interests too and based on them, it won’t be too hard to look for the ideal 16th birthday gift. Here are some ideas on what to get them.

1. Gifts for the sporty boys
Let’s face it. Boys are crazy over sports as much as girls go gaga over makeup. This is something they are very good at whether it’s basketball, football, jockey, and the like, boys have that inclination towards sports. If you don’t have an idea on what 16 th birthday gift to give a boy, getting him something sporty is enough. For example, you can buy him a new basketball ball, gym bag, rubber shoes, or even tickets to a game of his favorite team.

2. Gifts for the fashionable boys
Mind you but women aren’t the only ones who are interested in fashion. Boys are just as conscious about what they wear and how they look. The next time you want to give a sixteenth birthday present for a boy, check out what’s trending in terms of fashion. From there you can get ideas on what clothes and accessories are in. For example, you can buy him a pair of trendy leather shoes, a sweater for the cold weather, or a funky belt to wear with his pants.

3. Gifts for the gamers
If there’s one thing boys really love to do during their free time, it has to be playing online games. They spend hours in front of their computer screen playing the most popular games online which is why getting them something they can use while playing will make a perfect sixteenth birthday gift. For example, you can buy him a new controller or game for his play station. Getting him new speakers or headphones will work too.

4. Gifts for boys who love the outdoors
There are actually boys who enjoy the great outdoors and would spend their free time camping, hiking, or even fishing. Try to identify which kind of outdoor activity does the celebrator enjoys doing the most to help you decide on your sixteenth birthday present for him. For instance, if he loves fishing you can get him a new rod or a pair of boat shoes. If he’s into camping, a new tent or a pair of hiking boots are excellent sixteenth birthday gifts.

5. Gifts for boys who love working out
At sixteen, boys are already familiar with the changes in their body and most of them are already starting to work out to improve their built. One 16th birthday gift for boys you can give is something they can use for exercising like dumbbells, weights, and the like. You can also get him running shoes or pay for his membership fee at a gym.

It’s actually fun shopping for sixteenth birthday presents for boys. It’s quite challenging but you’re sure to find the perfect gift especially if you already know the interests and likes of the birthday celebrator.

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