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16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls


Few ideas on what to get for her 16th birthday!

A girl is only sixteen once which is why it’s imperative you get her the best sweet sixteen present you can find. Nowadays, this isn’t so hard to do especially with all the information you can find online. Of course, it helps too if you know the girl enough to get her a 16th birthday gift which you’re sure she will truly love.

Let’s face it. Girls have varied interests and unique personalities. Chances are they may not like the same things which make choosing a sweet sixteen present for girls a bit challenging. Here are some ideas to help you find that best 16th birthday gift.

1. Gifts for the Fashionista
Whether you’re giving a present to your bestie, niece, daughter, granddaughter or friend, you’ll find some interesting gifts perfect for the fashionista in her. Check out the latest fashion trends of the season and get her something which she’ll wear instantly.

For instance, you can get her a trendy sweater for winter or a stylish dress for summer. There are shoes, bags, and accessories you can choose from which will make an ideal sweet sixteen present too as long as they’re of the latest fashion trends. Otherwise, you’ll find your 16 birthday gift at the bottom of the drawer or at the back of her closet.

2. Gifts for the Technology-Obsessed
Teenagers today are so into technology that they rely so much on their phones and computers. Well you can use this interest to your advantage especially when you shop for sweet sixteen gifts. If you have enough money to buy her something expensive, get her a new phone or laptop especially if she needs a new one. Meanwhile, you can also get her a portable DVD player if she’s also into movies or an eBook reader if she loves reading.

3. Gifts for the kitchen guru
With all the cooking shows featured on TV, it’s no surprise that some teens are now entertaining the idea of being a professional chef. If the birthday celebrator enjoys cooking or experimenting with her own recipes, then getting her a cookbook complete with some kitchen essentials will be an ideal sweet sixteen gift. This way you can awaken her creativity in the kitchen and at the same prove that you’re there to support her dream.

4. Gifts for the animal lover
Can you imagine what it was like when you were sixteen? For sure you too have asked your parents to get you a pet as a 16th birthday present. Now you can return the favor by giving your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or friend celebrating her birthday a pet too like a cat or a dog. If you think she likes something unique, you can get her a hedgehog or a parrot. Better yet, surprise her with a visit to the pet store where she can choose her own sweet sixteen present herself.

5. Gifts for the exercise fanatic
We all know how conscious today’s teens are when it comes to their figure. They want to be healthy and sexy. No wonder, many of them exercise regularly. A new pair of running shoes for instance will make an excellent sweet sixteen present. You can also get her a matching outfit for jogging or dancing. Another 16th birthday gift idea is paying for her membership at a local gym where she can work out anytime she wants.

A 16th birthday celebration can be made extra special with the right presents. Let that person feel loved and cared for by giving her the best & innovative sweet sixteen present you can ever give.

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