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21st birthday gift ideas

21st birthday gift ideas for a friend

Ask Mia – Few ideas for that friend’s 21st birthday

Ask Mia – 21st Birthday Gift ideas for a friend

I need ideas for a 21st birthday for a female who has everything (almost)…

Mia: Get her something exceptional to mark this special event in her life, it doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be a fun meaningful gift. Alcohol theme gag gifts are very amusing way to celebrate 21st birthday. Birthday Girl Martini Glass with unique martini recipes, is great gift to honor this special day.

Other fun 21st birthday gifts are wild drinking game such as “Wheel of Intoxication Game” a fun drinking game drinking board game for ages 21 and up that will have you laughing out loud with your friends. Or the hangover recovery kit for the day after!

[symple_box style=”boxinfo”]We receive lot of emails and FB messages asking for birthday gift recommendations and suggestions. Ask Mia is a column dedicated especially to answer those queries. If you have any suggestions or new idea recommendation for this column – feel free to share it with us via email or on FB.

Need an original idea for friend’s 21st birthday

by Kristin (Ireland)
I want to get my friend something unique and something that she loves for her 21st. I am going to make her a photo collage and a mixed cd, but I also want to get her something inexpensive to go along with it. I don’t want to get a gift card, as its a little impersonal for a 21st present. She’s not into music so that options out. She has already received a lot of jewellery so I would prefer not to have to go down that route. I baked for her party so I’ve used that idea. Any other ideas?

Mia: Hi Kristin, You have some great ideas there, your friend is lucky to have you in her life. You can get her an inspiring “shoot for the moon plaque” that reads: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss. You’ll land among the stars.” It’s an impressive birthday gift that will remind her to go on and achieve her dreams. Another idea is a personal stylist gift that gives her a personal style report written especially for her…A must for every woman – she’ll wonder how she ever lived without it!21st birthday gift ideas for her

21 Little gifts for my best friends 21st birthday

by Gabriella (South Africa)

My best friend is turning 21 and I wanted to get her 21 little gifts but I cant think of what they should be. Any ideas?

Mia: Hi Gabriella, You can choose a theme for your gifts, think of something she likes, like animals for example and choose 21 items of her favorite animal. Or a drinking theme to signify her being an adult that can drink. If you don’t know what she likes then go for 21 birthday items such as cookies, candles, balloons, birthday card, cake, flower, photo frame with a picture of the two of you, happy birthday mug, etc… Or you could give her 21 balloons, attach to each balloon a birthday card from her friends. And if you can include a few more friends in the gift shopping – get a nice tea kettle for her!

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What to buy for my friend’s 21 st birthday?

by preethi (India)

It is my friend’s 21 st birthday. i am clueless as to wat to buy her. she is fun and loves to play tricks on others. She doesn’t wear much jewellery and has a huge stuffed toy collection back home. any ideas?

Mia: Get her fun gifts to mark this special occasion. For example you could give her a 21st Birthday Light-up Tiara and a 21st Birthday Satin Sash so she could wear them and feel like a queen for a day. Add an amusing customized t-shirt and you’ll have a perfect 21st birthday gift for your friend.

what gift should i get my good guy friend for his 21st birthday

by mariam jimoh (severn md usa)

My friend will be 21 and am thinking of what to get him…his dressing is really mature and his favorite designer is Ralph Lauren.. he loves watches, blazers, shoes, boxers…he loves anything that has Ralph Lauren on it but i want to get him something he’s totally not expecting..i really want to suprise him and he’s a Gemini..he’s a designer freak from Calvin Klein, DKNY, Jones New York..i’ll really appreciate if my request is granted..thanks

Mia: For a sophisticated guy like him you can get an elegant monogrammable men’s leather watch case for his watch collection. I’m sure he will appreciate your good taste in gifts. Or you could surprise him with a unique gift basket full with gourmet food and wine, such as this magnificent Day In Paris – Gift Basket that includes tempting gourmet chocolates, candy and snacks.

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21st birthday panic

by Lyndsey (Glasgow, Scotland)

It’s my friends 21st coming up and I am really stuck about what to get him. As its a 21st I don’t want an everyday present about £60 is my budget. He is interested in writing, plays and muscial theatre and idealing would like to be a director/writer in his future. Help please

Mia: Hi Lyndsey, Since it is a very significant date in his life you should go for extraordinary items that have special meaning for him. For example you can give him an impressive feather quill calligraphy writing set along with unique Leather Writing Journal… he will feel like Shakespeare.

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A girly girl turning 21….

by dinni (mcallen,tx,us)

i have a bestie whos turning 21 in bout 3wks i dont have any idea what to give her? shes a girly girl and a fashionista and soon to be a mommy…..what do u suggest me to give her???????? budget:idk(open)

Mia: You can get her a special charm bracelet with all kinds of charms to represent your relationships and things about her future and past like a charm to symbolize that she is about to be a mom, a charm to symbolize her 21st birthday etc. It’s a very sentimental and meaningful gift that she would cherish forever. You can give her a pampering gift and send her to a day in the spa, as a soon to be mom she is surely going to appreciate this gift plus as a girly girl she will love the idea of fun day at the spa.

What to give to my english teacher on her birthday

by shivani sharma (rishikesh,uk,india)

…as she is my favourite teacher i m a big fan of her
she is not found of gifts and i use to give her gift on every occasion after many requests she take them. the big prblm is tht she doesnt like choclates
should i give her framed photograph to her?

Mia: You can give your teacher an adorable statue of a cat… as a symbol of your appreciation. It is believed that during Colonial times in Peru, cats were given as a gift of good will and companionship. Till today, people in Peru give cats as a gift of love and loyalty. Another idea is to give her a unique handmade journal… it is an exclusive gift proper for a teacher and a practical one she can use and enjoy.

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