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3 Birthday Gift Giving Etiquettes to keep in mind before shopping


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Gift giving etiquette was invented in order to help you give the right gift at the right time. However, when it comes to birthdays there are simple guidelines you can use anytime, to make your gift giving experience fun:

1. Always put your recipient’s preferences first

It is very easy to get confused and buy a gift we would like to receive ourselves, thinking the recipient will like it as well. Different people have different tastes; therefore, indulge them in something they would enjoy. For example, think of your music preferences: are they the same as your mother’s, brother’s, sister’s or your sweetheart’s? Probably not! So let’s say you want to buy your mother a new CD for her birthday; it only makes sense to get her favorite music and not yours. The same goes for fashion gifts, jewelry, art, etc.

2. You have to differentiate between boys and girls

It may not be the most politically correct thing to say, but the fact remains that boys and girls think in different ways and what seems cute and fun for girls might considered boring and stupid by boys! On the whole, girls tend to prefer more thoughtful and sentimental gifts, whilst guys often prefer the practical stuff.birthday-gift-ideas

Take a look at this example:
As a girl, your idea of a romantic birthday gift is a long-stem red rose covered in gold; a love poem telling how exquisite you are and how much your man loves you; a two piece heart necklace of which you each keep one side, to show his eternal devotion. Sounds really romantic, right? Now can you imagine a guy getting that kind of gift? Do you think he’s going to be thrilled with it… or perhaps just a teeny bit disappointed? So think practical!

Take a look at what your guy might like:
You could arrange a romantic picnic dinner with his favorite food and dessert and, as the gift, you give him a telescope so he can watch the stars with you. Would THAT appeal just a little more?

3. Gift giving etiquette – Always give a gift that makes you feel proud

If you buy something simply in order to cross it off your list, it will never be a winner. It will look like you’re giving a gift for the sake of it… something that won’t go unnoticed by the recipient. When you buy or make something that you are happy about, your recipient will sense that: they’ll KNOW you invested a lot of yourself in the gift and it will make them feel connected to that item.

It is just like the expression; “it’s the thought that counts”.

When your birthday celebrant feels you have invested in him or her and spent time thinking about how to make them happy, it will make a huge and everlasting impact.

When it comes to birthday gift giving etiquette, basically these are the three things you should always keep in mind, put your recipient’s preferences first, differentiate between boys and girls and always give a gift that makes you feel proud.

Easy. Right?!

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