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3D Classic TV Tin Lunch Box


Vintage lunch box to make your kids look cool at school

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Every start of school year means a lot of things to buy for the kids. Aside from clothes and shoes, you also have to invest on their bags and of course lunch bags. I saw this vintage lunch box a few days ago and can’t help but to share it as well.

Vintage Design

It’s a tin lunch box which makes it really unique. Compared to those lunch bags that we usually have, I like the idea that the lunch box stays in shape so it’s easier to put their foods in place inside. Food containers are safer when inside a tin lunch box as you can avoid it from losing its place inside.

The design is an old TV that most of our great grandparents have. I remember my grandma having a similar TV at home when I was little where in it even has a window style that I need to slide when I wanted to watch TV. And yes, it’s all black and white then! The handle somewhat gives the impression of an antennae which is big decades ago. The painted exterior looks so detailed that it actually gives a 3D effect.

Convenient Size

The size of the tin box is perfect for having some snacks such as sandwiches or biscuits plus a drink on the side. Best for toddlers and kids which makes it an awesome birthday gift idea if you’re looking for one. On the other hand, this tin box doesn’t say anywhere that it’s made only for kids during their snack time which makes it a great present even for adults too. It could be a gift for your mom or dad and you may put some of their favorite movies inside, it’s a perfect match!

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