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5 Ideal Birthday Gifts for Teachers


What to buy if your kid’s favorite teacher birthday is coming up next tuesday?

It’s common for young and old alike to shop for present for their peers, siblings, and family members. But getting birthday gifts for teachers is something you don’t usually do and some students won’t even bother. For someone who values all the hard work, dedication, and patience of teachers, you know that giving a birthday present for a teacher is the least you could do to make him or her feel important during this special occasion.

But how do you get started on getting that teacher birthday gift? Teachers are different from the usual young people you hang out with. Would he or she be interested in the latest gadget or prefer something traditional like a paperback of his or her favorite author? Here are some some birthday gift ideas for teachers you should consider buying.

1. Desk organizers
Teachers are always busy correcting students’ papers, working on their lessons, solving grades and more that their desks are often disorganized. There are paper clips, sheets of paper, pens, pencils, markers and more all over their table. Show your thoughtfulness to your teacher by giving him or her a desk organizer. This will greatly help de-clutter his or her workspace.

birthday-gift-teacher-book2. Books
Teachers never stop learning. They need to improve their skills and increase their knowledge. They have to keep themselves updated with the latest strategies and techniques in line with the subjects they’re teaching. This is one good reason why you should consider getting your teacher some books that will help enhance his or her craft. Another excellent birthday gift for teachers is a book of his or her favorite author or you can ask for his or her reading preference.

3. Art materials
Have you noticed how your teachers especially in kindergarten and middle schools would decorate your classroom in the most creative way possible? They are fond of working on their bulletin boards and instructional materials by using all kinds of arts and crafts. For sure, your teacher will surely thank you for giving him or her an assortment of art materials he or she can use. This birthday gift for teachers may include color pens and markers, construction papers, glitter, crayons and many more.

4. Personalized items
One of the advantages of giving birthday presents for teachers is in knowing that they will really appreciate them. Many don’t expect to receive birthday gifts from their students which is why they find surprising and heart-warming to actually some especially if they’re straight from the heart. Take for instance personalized items. These can be excellent birthday presents for teachers. You can buy mugs and write their name on them or a personalized clipboard.

5. Wellness or beauty basket
Teachers are always busy they don’t even have time to take care of themselves. Remind your teachers of how much you care for them by giving them a wellness basket. This birthday gift for teachers may include tea of assorted flavors perfect for winter as well as some healthy snacks or aromatherapy sets. Meanwhile, female teachers will appreciate it if you can get them something they can use to beautify themselves like a tube of lipstick, vanity mirror or a makeup set.

Teachers are special because they play an important role in your life. After all, they’re considered as your surrogate parents. As such, they deserve nothing but the best birthday gifts for teachers you can ever offer these inspiring individuals.


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