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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for her & him


Few present ideas for her/his 50th birthday

So you’ve got someone in your life that has officially reached the “over-the-hill” status.

50th birthday celebrations can be large or small, but regardless of party size, 50th birthdays are an event to be cherished and celebrated accordingly. On this installment of  “you ask, we answer,” we explore some potential gifts for anyone in your life celebrating a 50th birthday.

Made in 1967

A classic mug is a great choice, especially if your birthday person likes coffee or tea. Help them celebrate with nostalgia and get them this fun Made in 1967 mug. This simple mug is sure to be a hit at home or at the office, where ever your birthday person enjoys their favorite hot beverage. The “all original parts” slogan is sure to give them a laugh with every use, as well.

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A Birthday Philosophy

For a woman celebrating her 50th, consider getting her something to pamper herself. This Philosophy Birthday Girl set comes with philosophy’s vanilla birthday cake scented shampoo and body wash, and matching tube of lipgloss. The cool thing about philosophy products is they can be whatever you need them to be — shampoo, body wash, or even bubble bath. She’ll love the flavor and everyday usability of the lipgloss, and will love the versatility of the wash!

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A piece of NFL history

For a sports fan celebrating their 50th birthday, a great gift idea is a history book of their favorite sport. If they’re into football, this NFL History Book is a sleek option that will look good as a coffee table book. A compilation of all the greatest moments of NFL history, your football buff is sure to enjoy relieving these classic sports moments and sharing them with friends and family.

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Picnic Birthday Party

For anyone turning 50, a classic choice of gift is something they can take on long walks, picnics, hikes, or anywhere they might venture in the great outdoors. This Picnic Backpack is a perfect birthday gift for anyone who likes to enjoy a picnic lunch on the weekends. This backpack keeps all your picnic essentials in one place — everything from your meal itself, to plates and utensils, even your blanket and favorite bottle of wine. For those who love the travel, this is also a great birthday gift.

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Adventurous Birthday

For the adventurous 50 year old, this beautiful Travel destinations map will help them keep track of all their past, present, and future adventures. Already mounted and framed, this destinations map is ready to be marked with pushpins for all their travel plans. Featuring the entire world, this map is a great birthday gift for the 50 year old who wants to spend more time overseas.

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A different kind of box wine

Something any wine lover would appreciate is a gorgeous Personalized wine box. This handmade wine box is completely unique and can be customized to reflect exactly what message you want. This pretty display box holds a single bottle of their favorite vino and adds a touch of class to any bar or kitchen set up. The personalized message on the front is sure to be a hit!

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But first, coffee.

Finally, for the coffee lover is this Kona Coffee Gift Basket. Featuring five different types of authentic, Hawaiian-island grown kona coffee, this gift basket will be a pleaser for anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee. Each package of coffee brews up to 60 cups of coffee, so there’s plenty to share, as well. Blends range from light roasts to dark roasts, so there’s a little something for everyone in this gift basket.

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Turning 50 is no small feat, and deserves to be celebrated appropriately. Making it to 50 is a big accomplishment. 50 year olds have some serious life experience under the belt and are looking toward enjoying all the hard work they’ve put in over the course of their lives. Weather they’re looking to retire soon, or not soon at all, the gift ideas on our list will hopefully help you find something they will love and cherish for many years to come.

I’m a twenty something full-time animal lover, makeup addict, Harry Potter nerd, and avid bookworm. I enjoy checking books of my never-ending reading list, writing, drinking coffee, and learning something new. I’m here to help you shift through the depths of the internet to find the perfect birthday gift for everyone you love! In addition to blogging for I also have my personal blog which you can check out here:

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