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A Gift To Dress Up Their Pillows

Livedeal Reversible Sequins Mermaid Pillow Cases

Lively and attractive Sequins Mermaid Pillow Case

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Imagine a bed or a sofa with only just upholstery and linens, without any pillow at all.  Looks boring and unattractive at all, right? So how would you like the idea of adding color, warmth and comfort to your bed and sofa with pillows dressed up with this Reversible Sequins Mermaid Pillow Case from Livedeal? Made of durable reversible sequins, the Livedeal pillowcase definitely puts personality to your space.  The back side is lined with black satin fabric that doesn’t look dirty or messy easily.  It has a zip closure to ensure that the pillow inside won’t come out.mermaid-throw-pillow

It features sequins crafted durable and arranged neatly overlaying each other.  Such arrangement is known as mermaid design, making it look like scales.  The design adds up to the attractive beauty of the pillowcase than just merely stunning sequins.

Kids would love to play on the sequins.  When you run your fingers on through it, it would make a little flip.  It would look like sequins are following on your fingers’ direction and allowing you to form shapes, letters, words, etc.reversible-pillow-case

It could also be a great company.  A perfect match to your pillow, this pillowcase definitely won’t let you feel that you’re alone.  It gives your hand a relaxing and comfortable feeling when you rest them on the pillow.  The pillowcase stylish design together with the softness of your pillow makes this Livedeal product a beautiful thing to hug.

Not just at home, these fabulous designed pillowcases could decorate your workplace. It could give a relaxing feeling to patients waiting for their doctors to arrive in the clinic, and composes other clients who are waiting for their turn to be entertained.sequin mermaid pillow case

This pretty pillowcase will make a perfect gift for any occasion: birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, etc.  It best suits to kids, teens, and adults of any gender.

And finally, if you miss someone away from you, send this lovely pillowcase, and surely, they will feel you’re your presence.  Delight their day with this Livedeal Sequins Mermaid Pillowcase.

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