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A Secret Way to an Easy Blaze

fire starter swedish fire steel

Swedish Firesteel Scout Little Pocket Fire Starter

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Back on the primitive days, fire is not easily made.  Ancient people would use hand drill, which is the simplest fiction method.  Though that sounds simple, a high speed of rubbing is difficult to maintain because only the hands are used to rotate the spindle.  There would also be times when you get your hands hurt during the process making it inconvenient to anyone.

But today, we are fortunate that we can easily make fire for everyday use.  With simple flick of lighters, strikes of match sticks, or even appliances such electric or gas stove, we can easily make and use fire.  Because people never stops inventing tools that make our way of life easier, a pocket fire starter is designed.

Created by Firesteel Scout, this pocket fire starter helps you start a fire easily with just a couple of seconds.  It works best especially if your kids are off to camping or your husband goes for hunting and needs to stay up in the wilderness.  It is durable and such model lasts up to 3000 strikes.

It works with different types of your tinder nest such as sticks, twigs, dried grasses, dried leaves, or bark.  What makes it more useful is its capability of starting a flame even it is wet.  It produces a 3000 degree Celsius (5,500 degrees Fahrenheit) spark, better enough to start a fire.

The Firesteel Scout pocket fire starter is truly one of the must have stuff in your survival kit.  Its small cord could be attached to your belt hook, which means that the fire starter could always be with you wherever you go.  You’ll never get starving in the woods with this fire starter! Just make a strike and lit your tinder nest, and there you go! you can grill something on the fire, or boil a drink.  Not just that, if you need to warm yourself in the cold environment, with just a simple strike, you can start a fire to warm your body.

It really helps too in times of emergency.  Its bright spark could be used as emergency signal to attract other people’s attention and get help. Available in four different colors, this Firesteel Scout Pocket Fire Starter could be a gift to everyone.

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