Hello! Welcome to this tiny corner on the world wide web – 101birthdaygift.com! I am Kai. Based in New York, 101BirthdayGift.com was started to provide recommendations and help you shop a cool gift for your loved ones – especially for their birthday. With a five member startup team – I founded this site to give you the ability to search, find and feature all kinds/types of products and with the goal to feature only those items that will help you gift a thoughtful/funny/interesting present.

I am committed to working hard so my site visitors and customers can enjoy not only a nice browsing experience – but really shop the right gift with confidence. If you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback, do let WHARFwebsite Pty Ltd know and help WHARFwebsite Pty Ltd improve the site progressively.

And if not today, someday it will come in handy! Bookmark, subscribe, follow and share :).

Kai (not the one from Kung Fu Panda).

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