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Anti Gravity iPhone Holder w/Ring


Stick your phone in almost any surface with this anti gravity case+ring included!

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As a mom, my kids and I loves to take selfies all the time. Not only because we think we look better on selfies, as we can see our own faces, but because it also creates wonderful memories, some funny, that are worth keeping. Almost all mobile phones nowadays advertise their products to be great for taking selfies. With great resolutions that they offer, you can even add awesome effects that would make you look even more beautiful and sometime funny.

Anti gravity feature

Anti gravity phone cases are very popular nowadays as people don’t have to hold their phones in order to watch videos, take selfies or even make video calls. By sticking their phones on the wall, glass, tiles, whiteboards, metal and even LED screens, they can already go hands free and do their best pose and take the shot. You don’t even have to use selfie sticks anymore as this would be more stable and practical as it also serves as a protective case for you phone.OCYCLONE-iPhone-7-plus-anti-gravity-case

Quality and Dependability

Its nano suction is what makes this holder stick to any surface. With its strong adhesion it is no doubt that the phone would stick firmly to the surface. The phone case also provides protection to the mobile phone. It is both scratch and shock proof so your iPhone is safe from usual drops or if placed inside the bag with other things. This anti gravity phone case is available for iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6s, 6+, 6s+, 7 and 7+. For android users, there is also an available phone holder for Samsung S7 and S7 edge.anti-gravity-iphone-case

Regardless of which phone you will be using the holder with; its perfect fit design ensures that all buttons and ports are accessible. I find this product very useful and would definitely recommend for other people to have it for themselves or as a birthday gift for sisters, friends or anybody who’s celebrating birthday soon and loves to use their phone for selfies or watching videos. This Anti Gravity Goat Phone Case by OCYCLONE also offers exchange or refund for defective items which can be done within 24 hours after purchase.anti-gravity-phone-case

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