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Award-winning Knife Set Design for Easy Kitchen Use

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Your mother, sister, or girlfriend will surely take delight to receive this innovative and contemporary knife set as a birthday present. Imagine how she will find this useful in the kitchen when she prepares to cook. This Deglon Meeting Knife Set is designed by Mia Schmallenbach that garnered the first prize during the 5th European Cutlery Design Award.

It is easy to store and clean as the four knives seem like they are a single block of steel, making it look like a puzzle set. But more than its appearance, its make-up is practical and its material is durable. Made of top-grade quality stainless steel, this knife set is crafted in France by Deglon, known for making quality cutlery since 1821.

The set has a paring knife (3 ¼ inches long), utility knife (5 ¼ inches long), chef knife (8 inches long), and a slicer (8 ¾ inches long) with matching stainless steel block. The smaller knives fit within the larger knives and can be easily removed by pressing down the part near the tip of the blade, and take the tilted handle to fully detach it.

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