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Ask Mia: 14th birthday gift ideas


Advice column – Birthday gift ideas for 14yr old boys

We get lot of messages on Facebook and via email asking for birthday gift ideas and suggestions – from visitors around the world. Ask Mia birthday gift ideas is a column featuring the compilation of questions as received followed by our suggestions and ideas. Check it out, share and also contribute to it by sending in your ideas as well. We keep updating these as we get more questions and feedback!

1. I’m stuck on what to get my son for his 14th birthday?

Mia: Computer games are really hot gift at this age.
Another idea is an experience gift that will make him feel special on his special day, for example you can take him and a friend to a paintball game. Give him concert tickets to his favorite artist, or take him to see a game of his choice (baseball, basketball etc).xbox-paint-ball-birthday-gift-14yr-boy

14 year old son birthday gift ideas

by Terry Warren (toronto canada)
My son is turning 14 today and not sure what is in for his his age He pretty much has all the video games out there so any ideas would be great.

Mia: Hi Terry,  Since he has all the video games he could possible have you get him something to enhance his gaming experience with a comfy beanbag, better speakers or these Anti-Reflective Anti-Glare Lenses for Computers to keep his eyes from the harmful computer screen.

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