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Ask Mia: 25th birthday gift ideas


Advice column – Brother’s 25th birthday gift ideas

We get lot of messages on Facebook and via email asking for birthday gift ideas and suggestions – from visitors around the world. Ask Mia birthday gift ideas is a column featuring the compilation of questions as received followed by our suggestions and ideas. Check it out, share and also contribute to it by sending in your ideas as well. We keep updating these as we get more questions and feedback!

Brother 25th Birthday Gift Ideas

By Sayali, India
My brother is turning 25th this November, He is a Doctor. He likes cars, electronic accessories. I want to give him a good mature gift, PLSS suggest something.What to get for him???

Mia: Your brother studies for very long time to become a doctor, now it’s time to acknowledge his accomplishment with a unique Meaning of Success Crystal Keepsake to let him know how much you admire him. It’s an amazing gift he will proudly place in his office for everyone to see.crystal-plaque-birthday-gift

Big brother’s birthday….25 years old

by Amy (Wilmington NC)
My brothers 25th birthday is coming up and i have no idea what to get him. He likes history…but i don’t like anything in history so i would have no idea what to get with that. He has a wii…and we play videogames on that- but those games are kind of out of my price range. I was thinking about making something homemade…but idk where to even begin. My price range is 20 dollars and below. thanks so much 🙂

Mia: Hi Amy, Anything related to history would make a fabulous birthday gift for your brother. You don’t need to know much about it just check around to see of there is particular topic your brother is interested in or just in general history. If you find out what topic he likes get him a history DVD or book of his favorite topic. If you are not sure what he likes, a wonderful gift might be a Historical Atlas of the Ancient World or antique world map he could hang in his room (house). If you get him a book you can place it inside a nice box along with lots of candy, chocolates, snacks and cookies. You can also add a nice mug and cocoa mix, he can drink while reading the book you got him.donut-ceramic-mug-birthday-gift

My big brothers 25th birthday

by Ellie (England)
It is my brothers 25th birthday next week and i still havn’t got him a present! He loves music he sings and plays guitar in a band so something to do with that would be great, but i dont know what to buy that is within my price range of £40…..any ideas?

Mia: Make him a guitar gift basket – select a nice container and fill it with all sort of guitar related stuff, such as notes book, guitar stationary, guitar keychain, guitar toothbrush holder etc. Add some candy, chocolate kisses and a birthday card.
Or a music basket – fill it with CDs/itunes gift cards, head phones, song books, & anything else related to music!guitar-gift-basket

older brother birthday present

by Katie (USA)
My older brother just turned 25 and i need to make a birthday present for him before 2 days from now but the problem is that i don’t know what to make him. What would be a easy to make birthday present for a 25 year old?

Mia: Hi Katie,
The easiest gift will be to go to a dollar store and buy 25 small things, wrap them separately and arrange them in a nice box. For example, if your brother loves cars, then buy 25 small items for his car, or 25 personal care items, or something for his hobby, and so on…

what to get my brother for his bithday

by lC x (glasgow)
I dont know what to get my brother for his birthday. He is going to be 25 and i cant spend more than £60?

You can give him a useful item he can use such as a Flask or Multi Function Pen Knife, for a personal touch add engraving of a loving message or his name.  Or you can get him a fun game he would love, such as a Miniature Pool Game it is just the right size to fit his bedroom or office. It can easily fit on a desk, so he can play anytime and virtually

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