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Ask Mia – Birthday gift ideas


Advice column – Birthday gift ideas for her

1. Friend’s birthday gift ideas!

by Lauren (US)
I got 2 friends birthday’s coming up on the 11th of Feb. I need to get 2 presents for both of them.  i’m DESPERATE for IDEAS D: i’m horrible at getting presents.  btw. can keep the ideas in a low-price idea. no more than $15.

Mia: Go to a dollar store and buy as many items as you can, try to find useful items that works around your age group and something they can enjoy. Wrap each item separately and add a nice note to each item with birthday wishes. Put it all in a decorative box.

2. Gift idea for a girl thats smart

by Bilal (US)
Okay so I have this female friend…………not gonna lie kinda crushin on!!! So shes smart…….loves music, plays piano…… into politics………and shes the type of girl thats down to party wheneva…..any ideas?

birthday-gift-girlfriend-silver-cookieMia: Give her a unique gift of Silver Fortune Cookie Fortunes of Longevity. You can personalize it by adding your own personalized fortune, including her name. You can wish her to become famous or successful in politics, or whatever she’s into. It will show her you care for her and you know what she needs and wants in her life. She would appreciate your gift very much.

3. Gift for a friend

by Jennifer (COrnwall)
What do you give to a friend who has helped you through many situations and you want to wish them a happy birthday but at the same time show them how much you appreciate their friendship?

Mia: Give her a sentimental gift of gratitude and friendship to say thank you as well as to show her how much you value her being your friend. For example this amazing Personalized Photo & Poem Canvas Art Friendship Gift which you can place photos of you together and write or use pre-written poem to tell her how special she is to you.personalized-poem-canvas-friendship

4. Twilight gift

by Allie (emmaus, pa United states)
what would be a good birthday present for a 17 year old girl who loves twilight?

Mia: Give her the sensational First Bite, a haunting personalized vampire romance perfect for fans of Twilight. You turn her to be the hero of the book by co-authoring it and proving the names and places. It’s an extraordinary birthday gift, one she will be overwhelmed by and cherish forever.

5. Inexpensive birthday presents

by Amy (Epsom UK)
It is my friend’s birthday 2morrow and i need present ideas fast. I can only spend £8. She is girly and sporty, so any ideas welcome. PLEASE HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!

Mia: Get her a cute sweatpants she can use while exercising, a hoodie with build in ear-buds so she can listen to music while doing other things or personalized water bottle along with some energy bars.

6. 20 Dollar Budget for birthday gift

by Amy (Epsom UK)
What should i give my very good friend for her birthday in February? Her mom works at Victoria Secret so I don’t want to give her something that she could get from there.

Mia: Surprise her with Personalized MY M&M’S . You can customize it with words, faces and 25 colors. Each candy can be printed with up to 2 lines of text. It doesn’t cost much, it’s yummy and makes a festive and unique birthday gift. Another idea for unique birthday gift is a to create a beautiful Name Meaning Canvas that features your friend’s first initial, name and its meaning, surrounded by colorful design. You can include the historical meaning of her name or write your own meaning.

7. Birthday gift for a book lover

By Anil kc (australia)
She is a book lover.but i don’t want to give books to her. i wanna to give something else which seems to be nice and unforgettable Her birthday is 3 feb, please suggest me as soon as possible

Mia: Hi Anil,
You can get her book related items, one idea is to make her book lover gift basket, full with chocolates and snacks, a personalized throw blanket, mug with a cocoa mix and a cute bookmark. Another idea is to get her a beautiful personalized Bookmark Set or something more romantic such as this Personalized Heart Bookmark.heart-bookmark-charming

8. Birthday gift for art loving friend

What can i give a friend who loves art and designing for her birthday?

Mia: Give her an artistic gift she would enjoy using such as the Original Buddha Board great for painting and designing over and over again on the same blank canvas. Or a great Doodles to Go kit that deliver hours of doodling fun. buddha board gift birthday ideas

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