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Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Never have to worry about wasting paper towels again…

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Whenever you are in the kitchen, there are so many instances where in you have to use paper towels to clean up some mess, dry your hands or even wipe dry those utensils or plates. In that case, there are actually a lot of times where in some goes to waste especially if you accidentally pulled a lot from the roll and decide to just throw the excess. To stop this once and for all, having an automatic paper towel dispenser is definitely a great idea. The Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser will give you the exact number of paper towels that you need while any excess will be retracted. This does not only give you convenience but also be able to eliminate wastage as well as value for what you spend.

It can accommodate most paper towels that you can buy from any store. It measures 14.6” wide and 9.6” deep. It can easily blend no matter the motif you have in your kitchen as it comes in white color and elegant design. This will also be an eye catcher the moment other people see how it works. I bet they would want to have one for their homes too. This will then give you an idea on what to give them for a particular celebration. And I think it would be a great birthday gift for moms who loves to use paper towels most of the time too.automatic paper towel dispenser for home

If you’re wondering how it works, the Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser is powered by using either batteries or the AC adapter that is included in the package. Although I would prefer the adapter, there are times that you might need to keep some batteries handy too just in case. The paper towel dispenser has a sensor in front where in it would release a towel the moment your place your hand on it for about a second or two. Keeping your hands on the sensor will signal the dispenser to release more. In the event that you decided not to use all the towels, it will automatically retract what’s left. Plus, you also get a light indicator telling you if the dispenser is already out of paper towels.

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