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Submarine for Your Bathroom…


Must have simple and elegant bathroom accessory.

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Birthday gift idea for your own self! Celebrate!
A four-piece set that can carry bathroom articles – a toothbrush and toothpaste holder, a liquid soap container, a keeper for cotton and cotton buds, and another case for rubber bands and other items – is a good decorative object for the home. When all these pieces are put together like a jigsaw puzzle, they form a cute submarine figure. This accessory set for the bathroom is a wonderful birthday gift idea for your best male buddy as he can use this when he moves out of his parent’s home into the dormitory or his own pad. It is 10 inches long and can occupy a nice spot inside the bathroom.

The neat white look of this Submarino bathroom set by Seletti makes it neutral, clean and sleek. It’s functional but it also looks playful. It’s a good conversation starter that can add zest to an uninteresting place, like the toilet. Such gift is very apt to someone who wants to stand out and have a style of his own. Your best friend will be thrilled to receive this bathroom accessory set as a birthday gift for a new phase in life.

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