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Be your Own Hansel and Gretel


Awesome Peleg Design Sugar House Sugar Bowl

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Since you were a kid, you dreamt of having your own house made up of sugar, spice and everything nice just like in Hansel and Gretel. Then you thought it was impossible and outgrew your dream. But now you can finally fulfill your lifelong desire with Sugar Town-Peleg Design Sugar House Sugar Bowl. This sugar bowl is created using a high quality of clear plastic with a white three-story house design.

Sugar Town-Peleg Design Sugar House Sugar Bowl is not just your typical sugar bowl. It is like your very own personalized snow globe that uses sugar as the snowflakes. You can enjoy scooping your sugar while clearing out the snow outside your sugar house. This sugar bowl can also bring life to your usual kitchen shelf as well as your tea and coffee set. This special house is a simple yet elegant gift for someone who really enjoys their tea and coffee break.

This picturesque sugar bowl will guarantee to make your tea and coffee breaks a whole lot different from the ones you have been through. Why settle for a deferred dream when you can completely have it?

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