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Bears and Penguins in your Glass

birthday gift polar ice cube

Understand what fab and style mean… even when it comes to ice cubes!

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Almost everybody knows that round and squares are getting dull that’s why it’s time to phase them out and replace them with something totally out of the box. If ice cubes are pieces of art then it sure nice to make artsy ones and have them right into your glass of brandy or even just plain water. Polar Ice by Monos understand what fab and style mean that it even put it into the ice cubes.

Have polar bears and penguins literally floating on your glass of desired beverages by choosing the company’s made polar ice.  This artsy ice figurines used high-tech ice shaping technology to come up as what they are. Show up these adorable icy figures on a feast, holidays or even in a corporate party and you will surely have everybody asking you where you got them. Now that’s an instant attention- grabber and a little fab on your side as a host. Say it, don’t they look so classy in those wine glasses?

birthday gift polar ice cube

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