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This kitchen gripper is all you need to open those stubborn lids and caps…

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Chef Remi Jar Openers

Who doesn’t buy food in a jar? How about a drink in a bottle? There are so many great foods and drinks that you can get in these containers and it’s really hard to stay away as we usually get busy with our lives and tend to consume them most of the time. However the real struggle begins when we are caught in a situation that it won’t allow us to eat or drink what’s inside. And for me, I find it really frustrating asking someone to do it for me or find a tool that can help do the job.

Products like the Chef Remi Jar Openers have been around in the market for quite some time. And honestly, I tried a few of them but sadly, not all were able to deliver to my expectations. This Chef Remi Jar Openers provide a lot of help to those people who are having a hard time opening lids or caps. The tool can accommodate 8 different sizes of lids or caps. Its secure grip is made possible by the rubber sidings that guarantees tight grip even to the most slippery objects. The size of the kitchen gripper itself would also fit most small hands; this ensures that it can be used by anyone even those who may be suffering from arthritis or the seniors.jar-openers-for-gift

The Chef Remi Jar Openers may not only be a great addition to your kitchen tools but also a great gift idea for anyone. I think it would be a useful birthday gift for moms or grandparents as they are either opening jars most of the time or have weaker hand grip. With this gripper, everyone in the house will not have any trouble with caps and lids no more!

Another great feature of the Chef Remi Jar Openers is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It gives you the promise that it won’t fail you and will do its job for the rest of its life. Keeping the gripper clean is also hassle free as it can be can be done by manual hand wash or putting it in the dishwasher. Definitely one of the must have kitchen tool for your home!jar-opener-rubber

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