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Best Pancake Molder for Easy Cooking


Make your pancakes, eggs and even hash browns perfect all the time!

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When mothers prepare meals for their kids, they always make sure that they would love it. However, since there are kids who are more attracted to eating junk foods, home prepared foods need to do a lot of effort in order to entice the kids to eat them instead.

Mom’s best tool

This particular pancake molder does not only work on pancakes but also a lot more that the kids will truly love. Just simply pour your batter on a preheated pan and just wait for it to turn golden brown. Aside from making perfectly round pancakes, this also works great on eggs such as omelets and sunny side ups. You can also prepare hash browns or any other baked or fried food that you wanted round or with same sizes.

The Echodream Pancake Mold Ring is made with silicone material that is similar to those that are used for baby bottles and is 100% food grade. Safety and quality must always come first especially when we are preparing food for the children. This could also be a great birthday gift idea for moms since it would really make the job easier in the kitchen. On the other hand, not only it can be used it in a pan but it is also safe for ovens and microwaves. Clearly there are just too many ideas to come up with using this pancake molder!

Fast and Easy

Making delicious meals for the kids can sometime take a lot of time cooking, cleaning and more. But what makes the Echodream Pancake Mold Ring really helpful is that it works on different pans and cooking appliances, it is also heat resistant for up to 450 ℃ and is easy to clean and store. It also comes in 2 pieces per pack so that you can create more great tasting food for everyone. The flip grips on the side of the molder are for easy handling and safety, and since it is also dishwashing safe, the possibility of using it all the time is very huge!

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