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Best Women’s Heated Jacket for the Cold Weather


This Volt Battery Heated Jacket will not only keep you warm but also in style

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When looking for a heated jacket for women, one must not only consider the style but also its features to keep you warm for longer hours.  Self heating jackets have been one of the most convenient ways to keep the body warm against cold weathers wherever you may be. But with many brands to choose from, how would you know if you are getting the best heated jacket for you?

Battery Heated Jacket

Volt’s self heating jacket for women comes with a 5 volt power bank to ensure that you get the right amount of heat while wearing it. The battery is placed in the lower arm position of the sleeves to make it easier to adjust the temperature control according to your need. This women’s battery powered heated jacket has 3 adjustments available for its settings. The number of hours that it can provide warmth will depend on the temperature that you will select.

On the low setting, the battery can last for about 6 hours, medium setting will give you 4 hours of heated jacket while the high setting is good for 2 hours. In case you don’t need to turn the battery on, it can also be used as mobile charger as it has a USB cord that is compatible with most cell phones.

Comfortable Wear for Women

The Volt women’s heated thermal suit is made up of fabric that is 88% micro polyester shell fabric as well as 12% spandex. It also has DWR coating which helps repel water while its antimicrobial treated fabric keeps the user smelling fresh while wearing it.

Since the heat patches are placed in the back, neck and arms, you will be able to get the right amount of heat for your body. And since they are rechargeable heated jackets, you can use it as often as you wish after washing.

Do you know anyone who loves to wear self heating jackets? This particular suit would be a great birthday gift for women who loves to wear them especially during the colder seasons. And since it comes in a nice color and great style, you don’t have to hide it under your jacket all the time.

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