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Best Xbox games to buy as gift


Know someone who loves xbox? This is what you have buy for them…

Video games are always a popular gift to buy for someone as a birthday present. No matter a person’s age or gender, everybody loves a good video game. The most popular gaming system as of late is the xBox. Many people are choosing the xBox over the Playstation due to game selection and their quality. If you know someone who loves video games and has a birthday coming up, these are the top xBox video games to buy as a birthday present. These games can be bought both on and offline, and have four and five star ratings.

Madden NFL 16
The popular sports video game, Madden, has come out recently with the latest in their franchise, Madden NFL 16. This game comes with everyone’s favorite NFL Football teams, with classic features and great new features such as dynamic goals in each game played, Madden ultimate team, connected franchise. In addition, this game comes in different editions; standard, deluxe, and super deluxe. You get extras with deluxe and super deluxe that you can’t get with the standard edition. Many sports fans and gamers alike have rated this game one of the top new sports games of 2016 to own. Other great things they have said is that it has great graphics and quality, the perfect game, and simply “five stars”.

Battlefield: Hardline
For anyone who loves shooting and fantasy/adventure games, the new Battlefield game, Battlefield:Hardline is a must have for fans of the Battlefield franchise as well as shooter/adventure games. This game has both a standard and deluxe edition to choose from, and each edition has some cool features. Some of the features you may find in the deluxe edition is; new gadgets, new maps, and a ton of new strategies to choose from. This is one of the more intense games with an addicting new story line. This game was given a deserved five star rating. Some things that gamers whom have purchased the game have said is that it is a very good addition to the battlefield series, it’s a hit, and it’s fun!

Syndicate is a reboot of a franchise with the same name from 1993. It is another action/adventure/shooter game that has gamers addicted and entertained for hours. This game only has a standard edition as of right now. Some features this game includes is 4-Player online Co-Op, chip enhanced game play, and more. This game has received a high four star rating, and for good reason. Some things gamers have said about the game is that it’s a fun co-op multiplayer game to play, it’s cool,  entertaining, and more. One player termed it The Matrix meets Bladerunner. Another player declared it to be their favorite shooter game of all time!

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Another top game for xBox is, of course, from the Halo series. The game, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is a remastered version of the original game, Halo: Combat Evolved. This updated version has some cool new features, such as new challenges, co-op play over xBox LIVE, and is bundled with seven different popular multiplayer maps. It is a very popular game to play with others, whether it is over xBox LIVE or with friends at home. This game has received a 4.5 star rating, which is pretty impressive. Some things that people whom have purchased the gamer are saying about Combat Evolved Anniversary is it was a remake worth making, a must have for Halo fans, a great game for new Halo gamers, and more.

Gears of War 2: Game of the Year Edition
Everyone whom loves shooter games and war games knows about Gears of War. This one, Gears of War 2: Game of the Year Edition is one that has fans absolutely praising the game and this must have edition of Gears of War 2. One major reason this game is a must have is due to the insane and jaw-dropping graphics. The game of the year edition also comes with awesome features that the original Gears of War 2 game does not have. This includes updated and better graphics, an engaging story, co-op capability, and even New weapons as well as updated ones! This game has received a 4.5 stars, and the reason is in the gamers comments about the game. Gamers have said it is more precious than the regular edition of the game, it’s the best game xBox has to offer, it is the best in the entire franchise series, etc.

Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars.
One of the best game franchise video games is Lego Star Wars. Fans of both Lego and Star Wars have fallen in love with Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars. This game only has a standard edition, but don’t let that make you shy away from this action packed, addictive adventure game! This game has great features that include taking control of Lego battalions of clone troopers against the droid enemies. In addition, it has a great new split screen so you can play with friends. Another cool feature? It is the first time in the Lego Star Wars game series that lets you play your favorite stories from the Star Wars Clone Wars TV series. This game received an amazing five star rating. Some reviews on this Lego Star Wars game includes that it’s lots of fun, worth the cost, and one of the most fun and engaging Lego games out currently.

These are just a few of the top rated and most-loved xBox games available currently. Many gamers have bought these games are gifts for themselves or their loved ones, and they have loved them. If you have a gamer in your life that loves collecting video games, and trying out new and awesome video games, then these are the best ones to buy for their birthday. You will make their special day all the more special and win brownie points with them. It is a win-win for all involved. Happy present shopping!

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