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Birthday Gift for Cancer


What to buy for that creative and emotional cancerian’s birthday?

Featured “Cancer” artwork used with permission – By Artist Yuhon. You can follow his work on Facebook.

Hello there and welcome to the “Birthday Gift by Horoscope Sign” series!
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I’m Miriam Smith, a professional astrologer and astrology writer currently living in Chicago. I was introduced to the practice at ten years old when a relative of mine read my astrology chart. However, I began seriously studying astrology fifteen years ago. While I do astrological analyses of relationships, persons, and events, I really enjoy applying astrology to practical decisions and tasks. After all, when you have no idea what to give someone, the seemingly small task of gift-giving becomes all-consuming! I’m happy to help folks looking to find the perfect gift.

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Birthday Gift for Cancer: 22 June to 22 July

The Moon child Cancer loves home and family. It’s the sign of nurturing and protection. While Cancer’s heart is definitely in the home, they’re usually taking care of people at home, preparing family meals, hosting get-togethers and making sure everyone has a good time. They say they don’t want you to make a fuss over them. Don’t listen. You should make a fuss because it makes them feel loved when others take care of them.

Cancerians’ may neglect themselves, so a gift that helps them unwind like a bath set, or cozy blanket or robe, reminds them to relax.

A gift to help them entertain well, like a fondue pot (this sign loves dairy products), a chocolate fountain, or serving trays would suit them well. Cancer often loves to bake, so anything that helps them make cookies for everyone is welcome. Be careful with cookbooks, though: they tend to prefer heirloom and traditional recipes over modern ones.

This sentimental sign loves anything that reminds them of their past: they’re nostalgic for simpler times and if the past wasn’t so great, they strive to become the leader of their own happy little world. They love having pictures of all their family and close friends. They like stuffed animals and old-fashioned things.

They would like to curl up with a classic romance or fantasy novel than go to the club. Cancers are highly imaginative and love a good escape to happier place, so long as the good guy wins.

Cancerians’ eats well and likes their sweets, especially anything nostalgic or handmade, like fudge. They’ll either hoard it and save it for a rainy day or eat it all in one sitting; while they may happily share everything else, sweets are their secret vice. All the other vices, like crying while Netflixing and taking too long in the shower, are not secrets. Go ahead and get them a DVD boxset of their favorite childhood show, as they will happily stay home, watch it from beginning to end, wrapped in a blanket and drinking a beer they brewed at home.

Cancerians’ colors are silver, white, pale aqua, and lavender: all the colors in the luster of a pearl, which is their gemstone (along with moonstone). Pearl jewelry is great for the Cancer female, especially if it is either handmade with a story behind it or something they can pass down to their children. Lockets are also a great idea, especially if they have pictures of loved ones. Lotion for overworked hands, in sweet or floral scents, is a hit, too.

Male Cancers, on the other hand, don’t like ornaments as much, so skip gifting them the tie and give them comfy slippers instead. Cancer males, however, are more open to receiving home décor (in muted, beachy colors like sand and sage), and cooking supplies, especially because their romantic side makes them want to attract lovers who will marry them, have children, and take over the cooking and decorating so they can drink beer and watch DVDs.

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Few gift ideas recommendations for Cancer Zodiac Sign:

1. Fondue pot


2.Family Tree Picture Frame Set


3.Luxury Bath Set


4.Bakeware set


5.Silver Photo Locket necklace


6.Home brewing kit


7.Nostalgic Classic Children Books Set


8.Iced Appetizer Tray


9.Pearls of Love Necklace


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