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Birthday Gift for Gemini


Get ready to start thinking about bday gift for the Gemini’s in your life!

Featured “Gemini” artwork used with permission – By Artist Yuhon. You can follow his work on Facebook.

Hello there and welcome to the “Birthday Gift by Horoscope Sign” series!

We have had fun choosing a gift for a Taurus representative. This was and earthly pleasure and a privilege. To continue with the advice on presents for specific zodiac signs, we will help you meet the sign of Gemini. We could say that they are the exact opposite from Taurus, but in fact they are right next to it. Read on to find out about their interests, passions and the perfect present you could choose.

Enjoy the art of giving.
Your astrologer,

Hi there! I am Athena Simic and I am a professional astrologer with vast experience in consulting, teaching and astrological research. I nurture my deep belief that Astrology is a true science based on astronomy, geometry and synchronicity, that seems to be forgotten and vulgarized by many people. After my own sceptical approach, I have found that it is there to light our way to a better understanding of one’s Self and to annoy those who fear its possible domain. Although it has been downgraded by meaningless reading and all sorts of tricksters, I always say that the best way to understand it, is to study it deeply to prove that it doesn’t work.

Birthday Gift for Gemini: 21 May to 21 June

Gemini is a human sign. This is our trickster and our thinker and he is definitely the messenger of the zodiac. When choosing a gift for a Gemini, take his need to communicate and multiply it by ten. Then go out and buy something that will emphasize it even more. Your Gemini will be thrilled if you get them an unusual communication tool to examine, such as a Morse code key or a book that explains some secret language. Buy them a board and some chalk to write messages to see when they wake up in the morning, or if he is someone like your boss or a respected colleague – a beautiful pen.

You can always enroll them in a course for a language they’ve always wanted to learn, or buy them some hiking shoes for long walks they need if they are not to lose focus on reality. They need touch with planet Earth, or they might get lost in the world of exhilarating information about… well everything. Your Gemini is a big social child that wants to play, think and deduce so think about boarding games and karaoke equipment.

They are here to deliver a message, so think about a technical gadget to store information or send it out, a satellite dish to receive information or a computer with the right software for them to go crazy on their need to disperse. You would think that a perfect present for them is a book, but not every book will keep them interested. They are a changeable sign and need things to be interesting or they will move on. If you choose literature, go with books on ways to be practical and learn something quickly. Give them a present they can use their hands with, something with a handle, buttons or simply clay to awaken their possible talent for statuary. Something useful for their car can never be a mistake and mostly anything with wheels goes. And never forget to give a present with a smile to follow.

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