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Birthday Gift for Leo


Ideas on what to buy for the grand, creative and dramatic Leo

Featured “Leo” artwork used with permission – By Artist Yuhon. You can follow his work on Facebook.

Hello there and welcome to the “Birthday Gift by Horoscope Sign” series!
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I’m Miriam Smith, a professional astrologer and astrology writer currently living in Chicago. I was introduced to the practice at ten years old when a relative of mine read my astrology chart. However, I began seriously studying astrology fifteen years ago. While I do astrological analyses of relationships, persons, and events, I really enjoy applying astrology to practical decisions and tasks. After all, when you have no idea what to give someone, the seemingly small task of gift-giving becomes all-consuming! I’m happy to help folks looking to find the perfect gift.

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Birthday Gift for Leo: 23 July to 22 August

Grand and dramatic Leo celebrates existence, especially the creative and fun side it. They are here on Earth to remind us to enjoy being alive and all that life has to offer. Often the thing they offer is their own shining self. Social media was made for them. Some may say that they’re vain, but all they’re trying to do is share their good time with everyone, so go ahead and get them a selfie stick because they will use it. Out of all the signs, they are the most proud to be their astrological sun sign. Leos are really into being Leos and will tell you they’re Leos with pride. You can’t go wrong with giving them a fancy lighted mirror or any sort of Leo-related jewelry.

Leos have a flair for the dramatic, and even if they seem shy, they may have a more dramatic, ostentatious, or daring appearance. They are the first to arrive to a party, and the last to leave. They’re the first on the dance floor and the last to get off. Leos in general, but especially Leonian women take pride in their lion-like man, even to the point of overstyling it, so a good oil-based hair care set is welcome.

Leos colors are orange and gold, but in reality, their favorite color is “shiny.” Rubies are their gemstone, which makes sense, as rubies were historically the most prized gemstone in a world in which kings ruled.  They don’t mind if the gem is man made so much as it is eye-catching. Despite popular belief, Leos aren’t as swayed by designer labels as they are by how much attention an article of clothing draws. They like accessories, especially anything trendy or flashy, like oversized watches, nugget rings, sunglasses, and clutches. Dangly earrings are a good choice for Leonian women. They don’t care if their shoes are uncomfortable so long as they look good, and Leo women don’t mind wearing very high heels so long as they look sexy. This sign can totally rock leopard and other animal prints that others would be too insecure to wear. While some people have work clothes and house clothes, Leos just have party clothes, and super-party clothes.

They are also creative and especially love performance, especially drama, and may become quite involved in their favorite dramatic television show, especially soap operas about the wealthy and powerful, and especially if everyone else is watching it, like Downton Abbey. Games that let them be playful and creative with others, like Cranium, are great, too.

Leo also likes fine food, like chocolate and wine – anything they feel regal eating or drinking. A box of fine chocolates or a bottle of champagne makes them feel pampered and appreciated. After all, they may seem flirty, theatrical, and over-the-top, but what Leos really wants to know is that they’re not only appreciated but celebrated for who they put themselves out to be. A Leo is a work of art of his or her own creation.

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Gift ideas for Leo:

Lighted Mirror



Selfie Stick



Argan Oil Hair Care Gift Set


Womens sunglasses



Mens sunglasses:


Chandelier earrings


Cranium board game


Godiva Happy Birthday Ballotin


Cliquot Yellow Label Champagne



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