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Birthday Gift for Pisces


Few birthday gift ideas for the enchanting piscean in your life!

Featured “Pisces” artwork used with permission – By Artist Yuhon. You can follow his work on Facebook.

Hello there and welcome to the “Birthday Gift by Horoscope Sign” series!
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I’m Miriam Smith, a professional astrologer and astrology writer currently living in Chicago. I was introduced to the practice at ten years old when a relative of mine read my astrology chart. However, I began seriously studying astrology fifteen years ago. While I do astrological analyses of relationships, persons, and events, I really enjoy applying astrology to practical decisions and tasks. After all, when you have no idea what to give someone, the seemingly small task of gift-giving becomes all-consuming! I’m happy to help folks looking to find the perfect gift.

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Birthday Gift for Pisces: 20 February to 20 March

Pisces are soft, gentle, imaginative folks who blend into every environment. It can be difficult to figure out who they really are because they’re not often sure themselves. Perhaps they really are shapeshifters meant to bend and go with the flow. They are dreamy, artistic, retiring, and spiritual. They often seem to be lost in a world of daydreams. These folks could use an alarm clock, but they would prefer not to use it. They love music, art, and romance. A watercolor kit or collection of soothing new age music may be the thing to get them. They may dream of escaping to a deserted tropical island, as they love the ocean and the beach. They also tend to like mythical things, like fairies and unicorns, but also tales of mythical persons in general, like Odysseus. They could spend an entire rainy day ignoring their chores and watching Disney movies while eating candy and drinking wine. They are enchanting and want to be enchanted.

Pisces are often quite interesting dressers, preferring artistic jewelry and clothing that is soft, loose, and free. They’re a physically delicate sign and sensitive to harsh climates. They had loud places, but do enjoy the ambience of a dark, seedy bar so long as the crowd is sparse. They may seem sleepily unaware of their surroundings and yet have surprising insights when questioned. They may write their insights in journals, preferably in the form of fiction or poetry. A nice journal will help them document their passing thoughts, and all the better if the journal looks like it belongs to a bohemian or a wizard. They decorate their home with dreamy, watery, freeforms and items that appear magical. They like glass art, such as hummingbird feeders.

Pisces colors are aqua, blue, purple, teal, coral, and any colors you might see on a peacock, a tropical beach, or abalone shell. Their gemstones are aquamarine, alexandrite, pearls, and coral. They like jewelry — perhaps a little too much — as well as scarves, shawls, and other accessories in natural, flowing designs. Dangly jewelry is good, as well as anything pixie-like and small. They like all manner of gemstones, sea glass, and shells. Bright and colorful, or alternatively, all black, is how Pisces prefers to dress. Men may wear jewelry, but they also like cologne, especially in lighter, organic scents, like Issey Miyake. Piscean women too love perfume and body scents.

Pisces also likes alcohol of all types and likes drinking to have some magic to it, whether it is in reverie with friends new and old or simply drinking out of a nice glass. Everything tastes good to them if it looks pretty. The key to shopping for any Pisces is to awaken their sense of wonder. You could also give them something helpful, like a set of NUT tags to find the things they (so often) lose or misplace, as long as you place the tags on their things for them because they may otherwise forget to do it.

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Few Gift ideas for Pisces:

Watercolor kit paint setbirthday gift watercolor

NUT Tagsnut anti-lost tracking smart tag

Handmade Leather Bound JournalBarner Books Handmade Leather Journal

Disney’s Fantasiafantasia-birthday-gift

Silver Goddess Sea Glass Necklacehandmade necklace birthday gift

Infinity Wrap Silk Scarf Sunscreen Shawlbirthday gift for her ysiop silk solid scarf

Hummingbird Glass Feedermake your own hummingbird feeder

Peacock wine glassesArtland Inc Peacock Wine Glasses

Issey Miyake CologneL'eau De Issey By Issey Miyake

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