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Birthday Gift for Taurus


Know someone who is a Taurus? Prepare yourself for their birthday.

Featured lovely “Taurus” artwork used with permission – By Artist Yuhon. You can follow his work on Facebook.

Hello there and welcome to the “Birthday Gift by Horoscope Sign” series!

In the following months you will have the opportunity to read about the preferences of the upcoming zodiac signs to help you choose the perfect birthday present. The position of someone’s Sun in a zodiacal circle can tell us a lot about their character, so stay in loop with our explanations of the Sun signs. We will use astrology to help you make a pick out of so many great possibilities and make people you care for happy. We will start with Taurus, the sign of tenderness and joy, and move on from there.

Enjoy the art of giving.
Your astrologer,

Hi there! I am Athena Simic and I am a professional astrologer with vast experience in consulting, teaching and astrological research. I nurture my deep belief that Astrology is a true science based on astronomy, geometry and synchronicity, that seems to be forgotten and vulgarized by many people. After my own sceptical approach, I have found that it is there to light our way to a better understanding of one’s Self and to annoy those who fear its possible domain. Although it has been downgraded by meaningless reading and all sorts of tricksters, I always say that the best way to understand it, is to study it deeply to prove that it doesn’t work.

Birthday Gift for Taurus: 19 April to 20 May

Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and all earthly pleasures. If you are looking for a perfect present for a Taurus representative, go with something practical but pretty, green colored, comfortable or tasty. They like their senses awakened but stick to traditional values so it might be good to avoid sexy, leathery underwear or anything too shiny or showy. Taurus wants something to be touched and smelled, something natural and useful. They are not looking for perfection, but the feel behind the present.

It is best to choose a gift with emotional value, so avoid buying novels or latest technique miracles. Instead, keep things simple and practical. If you have decided to buy a book, go for one about cooking or gardening, or one with advice that will simplify their life. Taurus wants to finish with their routine quickly in order to have lots of time to enjoy life and activities that don’t bind them.

Their biggest passion is usually food, so consider kitchenware, molds that will make their food pretty, or a cutting board covered in flowers. They usually love childish drawings and everything that shows emotion, so the design of things you buy can be naïve and colorful. Taurus is a sign that supports nature and planet Earth, so if you want to buy flowers, buy some with roots. Choose ecofriendly gifts, or ones that will last them for a long time. Go with cotton, stone, wood and other natural materials.

If your Taurus is a typical representative of their sign, it might be best to give them options and let them choose for themselves. If you were planning on a surprise, buy something useful, wrap it in recycled paper, draw a colorful flower on it, and you are good to go.

Few keywords to keep in mind when searching gift products for Taurus sign are:
natural colors, natural materials, plant, plant with roots, pot décor, green colored material, leather bracelet, paper wrap, food, kitchenware, mold, cutting board, floral pattern, flower scent, kids drawing, ecofriendly, cooking, gardening, food items, Earth photo, Earth painting, ground mat, picnic set, picnic basket, wooden bowl

Find below some of our birthday gift ideas for Taurus. Whether it is Birthday Gift for Taurus Man or Birthday Gift for Taurus Woman – get an idea from the below list, customize and get what works best for your loved one!

1. 9GreenBox – Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift


2. Blue Eyes Collection – Leather Bracelet


3. Home Throw Pillow Cover – Floral Pattern


4. Allegra K Women Round Neck – Pullover Tunic Shirt


5. Vaulia Lightweight Floral Print Duvet Cover Set


6. Gucci Flora By Gucci


7. Extra Large and Thick Bamboo Cutting Board


8. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED Indoor Garden


9. Golden Chef Kitchen Knife Set 8 Pieces


10. 5 Panel Printed Universe Landscape Paintings


11. Blue Color Insulated Picnic Basket


12. Acacia Wood Large Wavy Bowl


13. Radha Coconut Oil


14. Men’s Luxury Watch


15. Lemongrass Eucalyptus Spa Basket


16. Hamer Women’s White Black Crystal Necklace


17. Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket


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