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Birthday Gift for Virgo


Few birthday gift ideas for workaholic Virgo’s in your life!

Featured “Virgo” artwork used with permission – By Artist Yuhon. You can follow his work on Facebook.

Hello there and welcome to the “Birthday Gift by Horoscope Sign” series!
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I’m Miriam Smith, a professional astrologer and astrology writer currently living in Chicago. I was introduced to the practice at ten years old when a relative of mine read my astrology chart. However, I began seriously studying astrology fifteen years ago. While I do astrological analyses of relationships, persons, and events, I really enjoy applying astrology to practical decisions and tasks. After all, when you have no idea what to give someone, the seemingly small task of gift-giving becomes all-consuming! I’m happy to help folks looking to find the perfect gift.

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Birthday Gift for Virgo: 23 August to 22 September

Virgo is an under appreciated sign, quietly analyzing and fixing things behind the scene, making sure everything runs smoothly. In fact, we may not realize how much Virgos do until they’re gone and everything falls apart in their absence. It’s therefore especially important to let them know how much you appreciate them, even though this humble and unassuming sign will likely ask for nothing from you.

It is true that Virgo often prefers a more practical gift, but that’s because Virgo has a keen eye for seeing the immeasurable value of the little things. They actually like getting socks and underwear (so long as they are well-made and practical) because it’s one less thing to worry about while they go out about the business of figuring out what is wrong with everything and explaining it to you. This is their real joy in life, aside from fixing things. Hand tools, organizers, and kitchen appliances like a smoothie maker are great ideas, especially because Virgo tends to be interested in health and wellness, and an Aerogarden is a perfect mix of this and their desire to work with their hands, as they can neatly and cleanly grow their own vegetables at home. Actually, any whole and healthy foods is a good choice for Virgo, so if you’re wondering who would actually like getting organic raw honey as a gift, now you know.

Virgoeans can be workaholics who forget to take time and relax. Yes, they appreciate anything that helps them organize their belongings, but they can also really use an opportunity to take it easy. If you give them a gift that forces them to relax, they will use it because they don’t want it to go to waste. Sneaky, huh? The key is to get them something they can use. Even better if that thing is also practical. Try herbal teas and an electric tea kettle or a bath set. Virgos are sensitive to their environment, so an aromatherapy diffuser or air purifier helps them relax. Virgoes definitely believe that cleanliness is next to godliness and appreciate gentle, organic soaps and cleansers.

Virgo understands the importance of exercising the mind and enjoys puzzles, especially word or strategy-type ones. They remember facts, especially odd ones most people don’t. They always win at Trivial Pursuit and Wit’s End. Not that humble Virgo rubs their winnings in your face.

Virgos colors are muted shades, like beige, green, brown, navy, and gray that are often uses on uniforms. However, their birthstone is sparkling blue sapphire, and Virgo women tend to wear classic, jewelry in simple designs. Virgo always prefers neat and classic, nothing ostentateous or trendy. They like to keep their hands free, so Virgoean females prefer understated, elegant earrings and short necklaces to rings or bracelets. Nothing too ornate, too frilly, or something so trendy that it can only be worn a few times before it stops being in style. Virgo appreciates what most people overlook, and for this, we owe them something nice.

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