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Shopping for a birthday in August isn’t easy. The days are starting to get colder and no one wants to let go of the summer feeling. But even though the summer is coming to a close, don’t pack up the sun chairs just yet. If you’re trying to figure out the perfect presents for friends and family who have their birthday throughout this month, look no further. has prepared a special list to help you find the perfect gifts. These ideas are sure to help someone squeeze out the last drops of summer and make any birthday spectacular.

1. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Punch out the heat this summer with these real copper mugs for someone’s favorite Moscow Mule or other chilled beverage of their choice. The classic pairing of vodka, ginger beer, and lime, is traditionally served in ice-cold in copper mugs. However, they only have to be a stickler to tradition if they really want to be, and can use these real copper mugs to hold and chill anything that they might want.
Made for Purpose, Built to Last
These heavy gauge mugs are incredibly durable and capable of withstanding any party, no matter how wild they might be. Coated with a food-safe lacquer instead of the more hazardous options of dubious quality mugs, these Moscow Mule cups will last for a very long time. Each order comes with two mugs so they’re ready to share right out of the box!

2. 7 Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Set

Seeing a theme here? Let the birthday boy/girl host their last summer hurrah with this beautifully crafted stainless-steel cocktail set. With an attractive design and versatile tools, these cocktail crafting instruments look just as beautiful in a display as they do in action. With the full set of equipment, your friends or family can strengthen their bartending muscles as they shake, stir, and crush their way to a great drink. Hopefully, they remember to share.7pc-Cocktail-Bar-Tool-Set
Durability and Service
This 7 piece cocktail set includes:
• One Shaker
• One Set of Tongs
• One Bottle Opener
• One Strainer
• One 20/40 ml Jigger
• One Corkscrew
• And One Storage Rack
In addition to a great selection, also offers these pieces in a nice weighted food grade stainless steel so it can be sure this equipment will both be heavy enough to survive a beating and won’t feel flimsy in-hand. This product also includes a lifetime warranty on its parts and pieces should any become damaged!

3. Steel Insulated Travel Mug

A great travel mug needs to be able to well, travel, and meet the challenges of daily life. In that regard, this travel companion is made with a tough and durable construction to survive the hazards of modern living. With an oversized lip to prevent even the most chaotic mornings, the recipient can be certain that no matter the weather, or how much sleep they got, this mug will never let them down. This is the perfect gift for the busy-body that lives on coffee or tea and is always zipping around. Regardless of season or temperature, this mug will keep anything as hot or as cold as they
Don’t Sweat the Weather
This steel insulated mug will hold the temperature of any beverage for hours, perfect for heavy travel. And not only will the drink stay safe but the cup itself will too! This mug has an unusual twisted design made to give the holder a better grip on the cup as well as its steel frame giving extra protection against dropping and crushing.

4. Swan Knife Block

If the guest of honor loves to cook, then this swan knife block is a great choice for their birthday. With a capacity of up 20 knives at 9 inches of length, this block provides ample space for the collection that any avid fan of cooking would want. This gift is an excellent choice for helping with those last summer picnics and barbeques.swan-shape-knife-holder-birthday
Toughness and Capacity
This knife holder, modeled after the shape of a swan, is much more appealing to the eye than the simple knife blocks one might see crammed behind glass displays at the store. Constructed out of a tough durable plastic, this block can withstand the various damages that gradually wear down other knife blocks. It also features a rubber skid-grip to securely hold the bock in place.

5. Colored Space Saver Bags

If someone you know has a premium of space in their dwelling, these space saving vacuum bags might be an excellent solution to their inevitable storage problems. These all-purpose storage bags will make keeping their clothes and items safe from season to season whether is swimsuits or sweaters. These bags also offer protection and compact storage so your guest of honor won’t have to compromise storage and
Save Space, Save Face
Each order comes with 12 bags in a huge selection of sizes ranging from jumbo to carry-on sizes, so one can always have as much space as needed. These bags are perfect for areas with limited space such as underneath the bed or in a closet. Featuring a zipper, and a universal port for vacuum suction, this space saving package is a great choice for someone with a lot of clothes.

Don’t stress about finding a great gift for someone’s birthday. Even though the summer might be ending, it’s still reason to celebrate, and they deserve something special. This list offers some great ideas on presents for those still trying to find them. There’s still some sunshine left and this list and you can help that birthday boy/girl get out and celebrate.

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