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The Magic of Spring In Sakura Tree


Magical Miniature Cherry Blossom Tree from Thumbsup

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A flower blossoming from a bud to full bloom is such a magical sight. Now, you can take this magic inside your very own home or office with this decorative miniature magic sakura tree from Thumbsup. This tree is only 5.31 inches tall and weighs 5.3 ounces, so it is very handy and something you can put on your table top or by the window sill.

The tree is made of paper and can be put up easily with less maintenance. Once the tree is unfolded, assembled and erected, sprinkle the magic water included in the pack on the tree. There’s a small dish at the base to catch the magic liquid. You only do this once and the pink blossom will bloom by itself. The tree will bloom for a month or more, an exquisite thing to look at. Just make sure to keep this away from pets, kids or where there are plenty of activities to keep your sakura tree from being damaged.

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