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It’s a Glowing Head Skull Lamp from Yorick

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When a light goes off from inside a head, it means a good thing. When the light illuminates inside the Yorick Skull Lamp, it IS a cool sight! This ceramic skull lamp that is lightened up by an LED bulb is a modern craft from Yorick and is part of the lighting collection designed by Viviana Furlanetto. The collection features reviving folklore through modern design, combining artisanal talent with amusement and humor. The Skull Lamp is, in fact, an inspiration from Hamlet’s jester character.

Turn on the LED light and it shines from the skull with an illuminated line that cuts through it. The design is a bit whimsical and strange, bordering on the weird, yet gives a mysterious effect to your room. The table LED lamp is crafted in ceramic, made by hand in Italy with a premium quality surface and supplied with a superstructure flex. Put this lamp on your table top and scare your visitors in jest, then share laughter together.

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