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Awesome Birthday Gifts for a Pet Lover


Looking for a birthday gift for someone who is into pets?

Chances are you know someone who likes animals more than they like people. Growing up, my house had 4 cats and a (big) dog. If you said I’m probably a fur-covered allergen-ridden crazy animal person, congratulations! You guessed correctly. I know I am not alone in terms of being a borderline obsessive animal hoarder, and I’m almost willing to bet one of my dogs (almost) that you know and love someone as fur-covered and allergen-ridden as me. So what birthday gift do you buy for your animal lover (besides a lifetime supply of lint rollers)?

This delicate and gorgeous dog pendant is perfect for the pet lover that loves their fur kids but also loves something pretty to wear everyday. Since she can’t take her four-legged friend to the office, this necklace lets her carry her best friend close to her heart wherever she goes. This charming pendant is small enough to wear with everything, but catchy enough to earn your pet lover a few compliments, as well. Those compliments provide her the perfect excuse to talk about her beloved pet — so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Looking for something that will make your pet lover happy and make them laugh at the same time? These Nike elite pug life socks are a guaranteed winner. These dri-fit socks are covered 99% with wrinkly pug faces, and can be worn as tall socks or folded down. These socks are sure to turn heads while your animal admirer is out on a walk with their fur kid or at the gym (getting fit to talk the fur kid on more walks).

Any animal lover hates seeing pets without a loving home. This Rescued Wine scented candle is a fantastic gift for your pet lover to enjoy in a couple of different ways. This 100% soy wax wine-scented candle (it comes in a ton of different scents, too) has an 80 hour burn life and is packaged in recycled wine bottles! Not only will your pet lover get a kick out of the fun scent, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these candles goes to animal rescue groups (!!). So why not get the pet lover in your life one, and get yourself one, too? It’s a purchase you can feel good about.

Next on our list are these amazing cat coasters. These are quirky, just like your favorite cat-lady (or cat-dude, no judgement here!). These colorful, ceramic, non-slip coasters are durable and add a touch of cat flare to any room of the house. Their design means these will last a long time before they wear out, and double as a fun point of conversation anytime company comes over. Each has a unique, humour saying that adds to the witty charm of these coasters (my favorite is the “feed me so I can take a nap,”).

Going with the cat theme is this eye-catching and hilarious cat pillow. It’s exactly what it sounds like; an 11 x 16 inch stuffed tabby cat pillow. These USA made pillows are made from top quality tapestry and will withstand a lot of wear and tear (by both humans and fur kids). This pillow is incredibly realistic, and might make any guests do a double take! For our animal lovers who prefer barks to meows, there’s a dog pillow, too.

Does your pet lover also love to travel? Would nothing make them happier than to be able to take their fur baby with them on their adventures? Then this posh pet tote is the perfect gift idea! This soft-body two toned tote is the perfect tote to bring your favorite companion along on all your travels. This breathable mesh and canvas tote is perfect for taking your pets on walks, on plans, on trains, or anywhere your pet lover might need to go!

Wrapping up our list is this hilarious cat shaming calendar. Any pet owner can relate to pet misdeeds and mischief — this calendar is the perfect collection of cat mishaps and sharable shaming. In the true “pet shaming” style, each month has a photo of the furry perpetrator and a note about about their crime (and subsequent punishment!) Cat or dog lover alike is sure to get an absolute kick out of this calendar.

Owning a pet is an equally rewarding and patience-testing experience. Our pets become our family and for many, we love them and treat them as well (or maybe better) than our human friends and family. Our pets are more than just animals — they are part of who we are, and should be celebrated the same way we celebrate the important people in our lives. With luck our list has helped you narrow down the perfect birthday gift for your pet lover — whether they are a crazy cat lady or a dog loyalist! Live long and lint roll, my friends!

I’m a twenty something full-time animal lover, makeup addict, Harry Potter nerd, and avid bookworm. I enjoy checking books of my never-ending reading list, writing, drinking coffee, and learning something new. I’m here to help you shift through the depths of the internet to find the perfect birthday gift for everyone you love! In addition to blogging for I also have my personal blog which you can check out here:

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