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Birthday Gifts for Teachers


Totally practical gift ideas for your (kids) class teacher.

Can you read this? Thank a teacher! We all can recall a story about our favorite teacher or teachers. It’s often not until many years later we recognize the tremendous impact good teachers have on our lives. When it comes to showing appreciation to some of the most important people in our world today, we should strive to go beyond another coffee mug (and trust me, teachers are swimming in coffee mugs). No one loves a practical gift more than a teacher — but what are some useful gifts a teacher would appreciate?

One of the best things you can get a teacher to say “thank you for all you do,” is something they can use every day in the classroom. Teachers are woefully underpaid and often buy supplies for their students out of their own pocket. Why not say thanks by getting them this highly useful personal dry erase board and marker set. Dry erase markers are crazy expensive, and this set of 12 individual whiteboards, dry erase markers, and erasers is the perfect way to help them offset the cost. Teachers love individual whiteboards for many lessons, and kids to do! No student complains when teachers break out the whiteboards and markers.birthday-gift-teacher-5

Does your favorite teacher have a noisy class? Help them preserve their voice and their sanity with this super handy no yell bell. Teachers hate trying to talk over group work or the noise of dismissal time, and this bell has several settings to fit every need throughout the day. This device is well-loved by teachers everywhere and is a perfect practical gift your favorite teacher. It’s sure to get plenty of use!birthday-gift-teacher-4

Teachers spend hours outside of school hours grading piles of papers. Help them do it in style with these Paper Mate felt tip pens. This 24-pack in assorted colors will ensure they don’t need to buy grading pens for the rest of the school year. Plus, teachers are organized people by nature so they can  use these pens to color code their gradebook, lessons, copies, or anything they might need to keep in color order.birthday-gift-teacher-3

School years are incredibly busy and teachers have to keep track of all kinds of dates, deadlines, meetings, and appointments. This gorgeous desk calendar will help them keep track of everything in a convenient place — right on their desk. The intricate black and white design is both timeless and won’t clash with any classroom theme. When your favorite educator is feeling really stressed, it can even double as a coloring book (coloring has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, cool, huh?).birthday-gift-teacher-2

If you really want to make your most beloved teacher happy, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality pencil sharpener. It might sound like a lame gift, but trust me, your educator won’t think so. Designed for teachers by other teachers, this pencil sharpener has an 8 year warranty and is tough. Plus it’s designed to prevent over sharpening so you literally sharpen a perfect pencil every single time. It’s a win-win for everyone.birthday-gift-teacher

Teachers really aren’t hard to please when it comes to gifts (as long as it isn’t another coffee mug). The trade makes them organized and practical people. Teachers appreciate even the smallest tokens of sentiment, but a useful gift they can use is their classroom is a welcome surprise. Teachers buy so much of their own supplies with their own measly salaries, these gifts for the classroom also help ease the financial burden (earning you extra credit!).  Teachers allow every other profession to be possible, so we owe it to these fabulous people to get them a birthday gift they will love!

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