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Birthday Gifts for Wine Lovers


Birthday gift ideas for those who love wines!

Wine lovers are everywhere these days, and with the ever increasing available choices of wines and wineries popping up in every corner of the world it’s no wonder so many people are taking to the fermented grape beverage. Chances are someone you know and love is a vino connoisseur. What do you get them as a birthday gift? Check out our list below for some excellent ideas that are sure to please.

A wine lover never shows up to a party without their favorite bottle (or 3). Help them make transporting bottles even easier with this stylish wine tote bag. With it’s own chiller pack it will even keep your white wine or champagne perfectly chilled until you’re ready to enjoy. The bag has both a shoulder strap and handles to make it easy to carry, no matter where your wine lover likes to imbibe.Wine-Enthusiast-3-Bottle-Neoprene-Wine-Tote-Bag

If your vino enthusiast needs portable, non-breakable glasses to enjoy their favorite reds and whites these silicone wine glasses are the perfect gift. These high-quality food grade silicone stemless wine glasses are both clever and practical for anything a regular wine glass is not. They even come with their own carrying bag to make storage and transport a breeze. These cups hold their shape but are completely malleable making them easily carried in a back pocket. This set includes 4 cups.4-Wine-Glasses-Unbreakable-WBag-Great-Gift

Perhaps your wine lover doesn’t need a wine glass that can go on picnics or poolside, but does need a wine glass that is resistant to clumsy people (much like myself). Constantly breaking stems and spilling beloved wine? These spill-proof stemless wine glassesare the solution you’re looking for! With a modern and clean design, these stemless wine glasses are meant to help prevent unintended spilling and stem breaking. Comes in a pack of 2, just in case.Cortunex-Saturn-Spill-resistant-Wine-Glass

No wine lover’s toolkit is complete without an electric bottle opener. This cordless wine bottle opener even cuts the foil, making opening a favorite bottle effortless (as it should be, anyway, right?). The long battery life on this electric opener means it can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge, making it perfect for tastings and parties! Your wine lover won’t be going back to a manual corkscrew after using this opener.Westinghouse-WWBO1SLA-Select-Series-Electric-Cordless-Wine-Bottle-Opener-with-Foil-Cutter

If you’re looking for something that is a more non-traditional wine gift consider this bamboo bathtub caddy tray that sits across the bathtub and has space for a tablet or book, a phone, and a special wine glass holder! The arms adjust to fit almost any size tub or jacuzzi, and it’s attractive and stylish features make it feel like a spa in your own home! This is a must have item for any vino enthusiast that likes to wind down at the end of a long day with a glass of wine and a hot bath.Clean-Healthy-Living-Bamboo-Bathtub-Caddy-Tray,-with-Reading-Tray-&-Wine-Glass-Holder

Other fun gifts for your list are these Wine Wipes that make sure your mouth isn’t as red as your wine. Their special formula takes any wine stains off teeth and their orange blossom flavor won’t mess with the flavor of your wine. A must-have item for anyone who frequents tastings and doesn’t want the evidence to be seen in their smile (fellow red wine lovers know the struggle)! Finally, you can’t go wrong with these  “bring me some wine” socks that are perfect for loafing around the house with your favorite bottle. Printed design on the bottom makes them slip-resistant for when you’ve had maybe just one glass too many (wink, wink).wine-lovers-socks-bring-me-some-wine-socks

With the growing popularity of wine and wine varieties almost every adult has at least one bottle they enjoy! Buying your vino enthusiast a wine gift doesn’t mean you have to buy them just a bottle. Any wine lover will enjoy getting one (or all!) of these gifts for their birthday. Happy tasting!

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