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Bottle Cutting for Beginners


Transform used bottles into something unique with Kinkajou bottle cutter

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Are you also one of the people who find it hard to just throw away stuff as you might find something else to use them for? Plastic containers, bottles and even cans are just some of the waste that most of us have and some just can’t let go of these things even when their contents have already been consumed. I for one am guilty at times too!

Why Recycle?

As the world’s population increases, so does the waste in the planet. Recycling is an effective way to lessen our waste products and even find a good use for it when the time comes. My family loves to drink wine during birthdays, New Years Eve, Christmas, anniversaries and even on an ordinary evening especially when the whole family is complete. So you can just imagine how many wine bottles we have at home especially that dad doesn’t want to throw them right away. A lot!bottle-cutter-Kinkajou

Because of that, he asked me to get a bottle cutter as he often sees online videos on how they can be recycled. And being him, the guy who likes to do a lot of things in the garage, would definitely find this hobby interesting and rewarding if ever he will be able to come up with something nice and useful.

How to Use it?

This particular bottle cutter from Kinkajou is easier to use compared to other methods of cutting. You simply have to hold the bottle inside the holder and position the cutter where you wanted to separate the glass. This cutter can hold bottles with as size of 43mm to 102mm. It also includes sandpapers to make a smoother finish on the glass while the separation ties are used for more effective and cleaner separation of the two sides of the bottle. The attached blade will be able to make more than 200 cuts so you can make sure that you’ll be able to use it for quite a long time.kinkajou-bottle-cutting

The Kinkajou bottle cutter would be a great birthday gift idea for men as they usually love to do this kind of work. However, one of my sisters is also interested and started cutting some with her best friend. With that said, I think it’s a great item for anyone who may be interested in recycling or doing their own crafts. And given the time, I guess I’d like to try it too.

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