Bright Ideas From A Book Lamp

birthday gift folding book light lamp

Open A World of Brightness With This Foldable Wooden Book Lamp!

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Do you seem to be running out of ideas and need some Eureka moment? Look no further where you can get a bit of inspiration. This awesome LED bedside lamp in a wooden book form can set your mood and create an atmosphere that is conducive for thinking, meditating or relaxing. It’s a wonderful gift to kids, teens and young-at-heart!

It is lightweight and easy to use. With a size of 215 mm long, 165 mm wide and 30mm high, this lamp is very portable and handy. Not only can you take this anywhere, you can also charge it wherever you go, with a cable length of 110cm. Your children or your friends will surely love to have this artful, yet functional, piece in their rooms. This ornamental lamp is a good conversation piece that can generate lots of ideas. Plus, it’s a great way to lull your kids to sleep. Place this lamp in your child’s bedroom for them to have some sweet dreams.

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