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Grab The Buck By Its Horns


Display Your Buck Hunting Skills With This Faux Taxidermy

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If you have this buck head decoration faux taxidermy by Interior Illusions hung on your wall, then you definitely have good hunting skills. Hunting, in the sense of shop finding, for this ornament by Interior Illusions is surely a wise buy because it will give your room a touch of strength, power and energy. When you hold a party or entertain visitors in your home, this white large buck wall décor will certainly turn heads and get everyone’s attention.

With a key hole behind its head, this buck head is simple to install and hang. Made of resin, the décor weighs 15 lbs. It is 20 inches long, 16 inches wide and 20 inches high. Now, show them who is in charge. Display this adornment behind your desk to demonstrate that you are the head, the one in control, of what you do. Or, find a good space in your room that will instantly impress anyone who walks in.

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